Lykke Li Has Something to Tell You

Just announced today. Lykke Li is getting itchy in the recording studio (finishing her 2nd album) and has the urge to tour the world on a brief round and test out some songs. We’ve been in love with Lykke for quite some time, but our favorite memory was when she DJ’d at The Standard, Hollywood last year and busted out the Chordette’s 1950’s classic “Lollipop” to a packed crowd dancing with glee. But back to her new music…

Here are her exact words:

"To celebrate my survival and the fact that life on stage is easier then in the real world, I’ve decided to go back on the road for a short little rendezvous before I finish my LP. Don’t you dare miss it. I’m gonna play a lot of new songs."

Here’s the 5 cities she’s dipping through…

1 November Berlin, Heimathafen

2 November Paris, La Maroquinerie

4 November London, Heaven

8 November Stockholm, Kägelbanan

1 December New York, Le Poisson Rouge

In the meantime, Lykke leaves us with a personal statement on her heart. Ending a first tour can be melancholic… in Lykke’s case, there was a little post-partum depression. So she did what she knows best — working out her issues through making art. Lykke went to the desert, invited a few friends, brought a Super 8 camera, packed a few mirrors as props, and decided to shoot a little arty flick. We see her facing herself, wrestling with her image, burying it underground, and coming to terms with her shadow. Directed by Moses Berkson, this is Solarium.

(Get those tickets before they sell out).

"That’s all for now" she says. "Gotta run back to the studio where the magic is currently happening".