Desert Nights - Sept 22

It’s time for another series of music showcases at The Standard, Hollywood, in Los Angeles. The next roundup proves to be as unique and diverse as the previous jam.

Here’s the crew slated to play this Wednesday, September 22

(Listen to Victoria Noll)

Victoria Noll cut her musical teeth in Mobile, Alabama before eventually finding herself in one of the epicenters of American musical innovation, Austin, TX. Following an interesting portion of her life spent studying art at The University of Texas and living in Taos Housing Cooperative, Victoria continued her journey west in July to find herself living a different but familiar life, attempting to focus more on developing her artistic outlets. Today, Ms. Noll can be seen and heard channeling whatever inspiration crosses her path and following whichever direction the wind takes her.

(Listen to Lisa Papineau)

The highly-accomplished singer/composer Lisa Papineau released her Sargent House debut, Red Trees in May 2010. The album is the second solo venture from the active collaborator known for her vocal contributions to Air and M83, as well as writing with The Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete de la Peña in Big Sir. The ever-active Papineau also works with soundtrack composer Tyler Bates, Japanese artist Jun Miyake, The Anubian Lights, Bron Tieman’s Crooked Cowboy and countless other projects. Red Trees was recorded with French musicans Matthieu Lesenechal and Johan Guidou, and features guest vocals from singer/songwriters Matthieu Boogaerts and Mark  Eitzel of American Music Club.

(Listen to Julie Mintz)

Julie Mintz, part folk waif and forlorn fairy maiden, spent her childhood in the small coastal Texas town of Corpus Christi, listening almost exclusively to classical music and my-man-done-me-wrong country love songs.  She grew up to make the kind of  alt-folk country music that evokes the tone of Emmylou Harris and depth of Joni Mitchell.  Her pure, angelic yet raw and at times sorrowful sound is stunning to behold.  Academy Award nominated writer and director Josh Olson (“A History of Violence”) says, “You’ll know immediately that Julie’s voice is one of those rare and beautiful human instruments. But take a moment and listen to the lyrics. This is also one hell of a writer. There’s an amazing facility and sad humor at work here that will keep you coming back to these songs again and again.”