What Me Worry, new book by Andrew Kuo

Now we make books too! The Standard is proud to announce its new imprint, Standard Press, which is our joyful publishing arm to print cool books as we see fit. On our first project, we introduce of one of our favorite artists, Andrew Kuo, who is known for thinking in the form of shapes, charts, and graphs… but in a “loose” way. A paradox, you say? Science meets abstract? Well, now you know and understand Andrew, a mystery wrapped in an enigma inside a riddle.

The charts are not full of cold facts. Instead they are warm, full of friendly color palettes, and act as some sort of soothing mathematical calculation which make you feel better. The statistics are silly and emotional while they correspond with the circles, columns, and graphs they inform. Each Kuo graphic is some sort of personal journey mapped and charted. 

(Artist Andrew Kuo Plots his Next Chart. Photo by Chris Mosier) 

The monograph on Andrew Kuo will be presented during Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2-4, 2010. To purchase an advance copy stay tuned to Standard Culture… (here’s a tip-off: for first dibs make sure to stay up-to-date with Stan D’Arde via twitter later this month!).

(Entitled, Drinking as of August 20, 2010)