Meet DJ Lady Sinclair

With a pedigree of 15 years spinning at various hot spots around town, we have the veteran DJ Lady Sinclair spinning at both The Standard Hollywood and The Standard Downtown Hotels. She knows enough to drop newbie tunes by Duck Sauce, but more importantly, she knows how to keep it real with Boz Scaggs. Here’s a little more on the girl with a vast taste for music knowledge…

Full Name?

Michelle Kath Sinclair

What is your DJ name? Why?

I used to go by DJ Taina (Taina refers to the ladies of the Taino indians who are the indigenous peeps of Puerto Rico), but I had to change it because people couldn’t remember it and they always spelled it wrong. So, I thought I should declare myself a lady and changed my name to DJ Lady Sinclair.

What genre’s of music do you spin?

Electronic, Indie, Funk, Soul and Hip Hop, from any era.

Tell me the top 5 jams right now on the dance floor?

Duck Sauce “aNYway”, Lindstrom & Christabelle “Baby Can’t Stop”, Mark Ronson & The Business “Bang Bang Bang”, Major Lazer “Hold the Line” feat. Mr. Lex & Santigold, Two Door Cinema Club (Twelves Remix) “Something Good Can Work”, The Drums “Let’s Go Surfing”

What is the stupidest request you have been asked?

While I am spinning, “Where’s the bathroom?”

What year did you start DJ’ing?


Laptop? CD? iPod? Vinyl?

Vinyl, please! But these days mainly Serato.

What are your feelings about drinking and working?

Well, working in the nightlife, it kind of goes hand in hand. That is where you’ve got to be careful. Too many drinks can lead to some mixing disasters or AA. Luckily, I get migraines and therefore, must limit myself, or I really suffer the next day.

What is the 1 old-school classic you still bust out every time?

Boz Scaggs “Low Down”

Do you have a special closing song of the night?

The last song of the night totally depends on the crowd. Are they drunk and the whole place is dancing? Has the spot died down and you have a few dedicated dancers on the floor? Typically, I like to either play an old school jam that everyone knows and can sing along to (Prince, Michael Jackson or Daft Punk), a slow jam for the lovers (“Crimson and Clover” or Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat”) or some good old soul music (like Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say”).


DJ Lady Sinclair performs every other Wednesday in the lobby at The Standard Hollywood, and select Fridays in the Purple Lounge. To read up on her, go to DJ Lady Sinclair or read her blog at DJ Lady Sinclair, Jam of the Week.