Meet Dan Mancini

Dan is a simple man. Solid DJ. Drinks lots of water. Plays 45’s. We wish there were more men like him. Since there is not, we stretch out his abilities by booking him two nights at the Standard Downtown hotel — early Fridays on the rooftop and then Saturdays with the Standard Collective. We stopped to ask Dan a few questions about his music and his passions. 

(Dan Mancini, one of our resident DJ’s)

Full Name

Dan Mancini

What is your DJ name? Why?

Dan Mancini - It’s my name, simply keeping it closed.

What genre’s of music do you spin?

Rare Groove & Gutter Disco

Tell me the top 5 jams right now on the dancefloor?

1: Skrillex “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites” (Zedd Remix)

2: Kingdom “Bust Broke”

3: Diplo Vs Tiesto Feat. Hyper Crush “C’mon” (bootleg)

4: Dada Life “Unleash the Fucking Dada” (original mix)

5: Girl Unit “Wut”

What is the stupidest request you have been asked?

You have anything with a good beat? This while playing “Egyptian Lover”

What year did you start DJ’ing?

'01 USA '95 New Zealand

Laptop? CD? iPod? Vinyl?

Strictly vinyl 45’s at present, getting me back on my feet & holds me on my toes.

What are you feelings about drinking and working?

Keep it level, celebrate the plastic not the glass.

What is the 1 old-school classic you still bust out every time?

Niño Ferrer “Le Telefon”

Do you have a special closing song of the night?

Jarvis Cocker “Cunts are still running the World”.