Wes Lang Is Staring At Empty Pages

We love art.  We love staring at things.  We love beer.  We love tattoos.  Okay.  We don’t LOVE tattoos.  We have one, but it’s hidden, and you probably will never see it unless you buy me dinner and drinks first.  But regardless, I’m bringing all of these things to your attention because contemporary artist Wes Lang opened his latest exhibition a couple days ago.

This latest showing entitled Staring at Empty Pages is a collection of the artist’s works, found objects and pieces from the artist’s personal collection.  The opening reception is this Friday, November 12th from 6pm - 9pm at Partners & Spade, and next Saturday, November 20th, from 2pm - 4pm at the gallery, Lang will be giving tattoos from a pre-drawn selection of custom flash.

My most favorite part of it all is that Lang’s work is in the permanent collection at MOMA!  A tattoo from a MOMA permanent resident is pretty much a done deal for anyone!  Even Stan.

The exhibit runs from now through December 5th.  
40 Great Jones Street, NYC.  646-861-2827