Mind Games, by Casey Neistat

Mind Games - directed by Casey Neistat from Nike Sportswear on Vimeo.

Casey Neistat is a runner. He’s also a filmmaker. But he’s not the type that went to film school. He’s more the type of guy that just bought a camera and iMac and figured it out. This little piece is a creative short film that Casey created over a few weeks as he trained for the New York Marathon. Casey slapped his alarm clock every morning, booted up his Nike sneakers, and pounded the pavement with a video camera while facing the demons that aimed to distract his mission. After 3 weeks of documenting, and scoring with his friend Jordan Galland, Mind Games was birthed. 

Check out Casey and his brother’s video on our StandART Channel too and on HBO with his show, The Neistat Brothers.