OHWOW: Scott Campbell’s Noblesse Oblige

Scott Campbell, Studio View, 2011

Los Angeles is a bit of a dichotomy to those who don’t really understand its inner makings.  For face value, it’s all about show business.  It’s celebrity and it’s fame and it’s fortune.  But there’s more to it than just that.  Over the past few years, its art scene has been slowly moving to its forefront and bringing with it the rising stars that have been begging for the spotlight.

This past weekend, our very own Al Moran launched his brand spankin’ new OHWOW! Gallery with the a solo exhibition of recent works by Scott Campbell entitled Noblesse Oblige which features the intricate and highly detailed works of this former tattoo artist.  Campbell highlights tattoo iconography in delicate reformations via the use of copper, 24K gold, currency, ostrich eggs and neon.

The 4,000 square foot, Rafael de Cardenas designed space, perfectly highlights Campbell’s work.  Blocks of currency sheets are cut to form 3-D images of skulls, demons and cobwebs.  Neon signs portray whimsical depictions of carnal debauchery.  Copper plates are etched with stories only the “naked” eye can see.  Cracked ostrich wield rock ‘n roll insignia worthy of Axl Rose’s forearm rather than the inside of an egg.  The exhibition highlights Campbell’s “nobility” in the form of his tattoo artist roots.  When you’re next in LA, try to ditch the paparazzi and pop through OHWOW!

Scott Campbell
Noblesse Oblige
March 19 - April 22, 2011 

OHWOW Gallery
937 N. La Cienega