Pre-Coachella at The Standard, Hollywood

This week is a special week for music lovers. Coachella is coming around the corner, 3 days of unabashed music. Check out the lineup on their website for a “greatest hits” of the best music out now. We’re revving up for the festivities with a little celebration of our own at our Hollywood hotel before all our friends take the big road trip to the desert for Coachella.

The concert countdown is listed as 4 days away. Until the big weekend arrives, come get your sound appetites whet with a special night of acoustic sets from our classic weekly party, Desert Nights, at The Standard Hollywood. Here’s the 3 artists to perform this Wednesday…

(Listen to Luke Top here or on Fools Gold)

Luke Top was born in Tel Aviv, Israel to an Iraqi refugee and a Russian-born aviator. Music making was adopted at an early age, serving as the buffer between a distant home turf and a newly adopted land of milk and honey: Southern California. Balancing the collision of identity, religion, and western culture was (and is) a process that has found an artistic culmination on Luke Top’s first full-length musical album, Friends. Mostly self-recorded in a backyard bungalow, it stays true to Luke’s formative roots in California while expanding its imagery beyond the simple evocation of one particular time and place. Up to this point, Luke could be seen and heard in a number of musical configurations throughout the world. Notable collaborations include Cass Mccombs, The Papercuts, Foreign Born, and co-founding of the L.A. based Afro-Hebrew dance band Fool’s Gold.


(Listen to Paris Carney here)

Paris Carney was born in NYC and raised on both the East and West Coasts. Paris, now living in Los Angeles, comes from a family of musicians and took a leave of absence from The New School to pursue her own creative and professional endeavors, spending a few years touring and recording an album at Interscope Records with her older brothers’ band, formerly known as “Reeve Carney and The Revolving Band”, now called Carney. Paris recently released two live performance videos for and was featured on the AOL homepage as an up and coming artist. Paris is currently in the process of recording her first EP during the fall/winter seasons in Los Angeles, and has released four tracks produced by Reeve Carney & Zane Carney on Itunes for international purchase. Paris performs regularly in Los Angeles, playing larger shows at venues like The Roxy Theater on Sunset, and more intimate venues such as Room 5 on La Brea.

(Listen to Scott Bartenhagen here)

Meet Scott Bartenhagen, the 21-year-old recently called “the most promising young singer in folk music” by L.A. Times music writer David Greenwald. Hailing from the Central Valley of California, Scott carries the torch of classic troubadours like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Nick Drake and CSN, but with clear indie leanings and a songwriting style that references Andrew Bird, Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes. He is a spellbinding live performer, helped by the fact that he’s 6’8” and towers over everything. A former jazz major, Scott’s rare command over his voice and guitar are not to be missed.


What is Desert Nights?

Desert Nights is a weekly gathering at The Standard, Hollywood. Every Wednesday, we curate 3 musical acts on the rise to perform a special acoustic set in our hotel lounge. The vibe is warm and intimate, evoking an impromptu jam in a musician’s living room. Also, expect 2 clever cover songs delivered by each performer. The sets begins at 7:30 pm in the Cactus Lounge (thus the title of the evening, Desert Nights).