Marcello Ibanez’s Chalkboard Art

(Marcello Ibanez - Chalkboard Artist)

One of the hidden treasures at The Standard, Miami is the chalkboard art found all around the property. The artist is one of the Standard Miami’s own, Marcello Ibanez, who works at The Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill. Lovingly known as “Marshmallow,” Marcello’s chalkboard art brings smiles to the guest’s and staff at our bayside hotel. We caught up with Marcello to learn a little more about his wonderful art.

(Cloudy day at Miami with 50 %  chance of rain. The sun and the cloud are from Miami — that’s why they both have big collagen lips botox, sunglasses, + are slightly hungover)

The Standard: Tell us about yourself…

Marcello Ibanez: I hate talking about myself but I guess I don’t really have a choice right now. My name is Marcello Daniel Ibanez, I’m from Argentina and I’m a photographer graduated from U.P Universidad de Palermo Design and Communication. I’ve always had a passion for drawing and I have developed it along the years.

(Over-easy / Scrambled)

When did you start working at The Standard?

I don’t really know when I started working here, I think it was August 2007. I really have no concept of time.

What inspires you as an artist?

My inspiration for my drawing comes from my surroundings. It varies from people, nature, places, and the actions people do.  I’m inspired by everything… Where I live, where I work… South Beach and The Standard Hotel influence my mood and my energy. As an artist, when I draw and take pics there are no boundaries. I feel free. The drawings are a way for me to express my mood, my humor and my dreams.

(Breakfast sign… What do we have here? A Cannibalistic Chicken!)

What inspires these chalkboard drawings?

The characters’ in my drawings are an over-dramatization of the beautiful guests that visit The Standard Miami. I think they are resourceful, eclectic, unique, creative, sensuous and super fun!

(The Coppertone girl re-invented)

(Santa Claus holding Reindeer Auditions at The Standard Miami)

(A hippie chick aka M.M.M = Miamian Modern Mother) 

(Marcello’s first chalkboard… Miamian Manatee! Inspired by seeing the Manatee passing by the Standard bay)

To see all of Marcello’s chalkboard drawings and photography check out his blog and website