Caught in the Act!

Skullphone Tags The Standard, Hollywood from Standard Hotels on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago (as some of you might remember) LA-based artist Skullphone took over the 6th Street Mural at The Standard, Downtown LA and the box at The Standard, Hollywood. Both pieces look great and everything was hunky dory until we took a peek at surveillance footage from the parking garage in Hollywood.

GASP! Is that? No it can’t be. But who else…? After a lot of playful finger pointing and one scheming smile in particular, we all hugged and made up. After all, it makes the parking garage look a little cooler, no?

With all the hard feelings long behind us, The Standard Hollywood and LA Record invite you to celebrate Skullphone’s (ahem, sanctioned) installations with us at The Standard, Hollywood this Thursday at 8 PM. RSVP to and we’ll see you there!