WeHo Library Murals are a Triple Threat

West Hollywood, home of The Sunset Strip and the illustrious Standard, Hollywood is getting a new library. We know what you’re thinking, a new library is nice and all but whoopty doo. Listen, we wouldn’t bring it up if it weren’t awesome. Trust. 

The WeHo library (along with providing fine literature and computer sign up sheets to the residents of West Hollywood) is also the home of three new murals.  The first is by renowned artist Kenny Scharf.

(Detail of Kenny Scharf’s Mural at the new WeHo Library. Photo courtesy of Arrested Motion)

The second mural was tackled by street artist extraordinaire RETNA:

(RETNA’s Mural at the new WeHo Library.  Photo courtesy of The Avenues)

The third mural by Shepard Fairey is still in the early stages but looks like it’s going to be supa dope, too. Impressively, the mural is being done entirely by stencil.

(The new Shepard Fairey mural going up on the new WeHo Library.  Photo courtesy of MOCA Los Angeles.)

Isn’t it nice to see a city embrace street art instead of taking it down?  Oh yeah, for anyone looking to get a head start on those public computer sign up sheets, the West Hollywood Library is scheduled to open later this fall.