Swim Week Flashback

Now that Swim Week is over, we wanted to congratulate all the talented Designers that showcased their new collections recently in Miami. We love a good swimsuit ourselves and carry a wide variety at our our own shop inside The Standard Miami, as well as our sister hotel, Sunset Beach.


We checked in with two of our designers to gauge their week. The first is Salinas, by Rosana Lara. Her inspiration for this summer are the songs written for Rio de Janeiro, its places, the lifestyle, warmth, freshness and happiness that inspired the chroniclers, poets and songwriters. She creates her suits as the incarnate of the energy Brazil powerfully reflects.   


The second designer is Lorena Tejada, of OndadeMar (meaning “wave of the ocean”). Her pieces for the Riviera Cruise 2012 are an awesome collection. This year, OndadeMar rocked a spanking fresh and bigger booth at the Swim Show. They’ve recently expanded their portfolio to present new men´s line this year, which includes swimwear and beachwear. Stay tuned for the growing empire to launch a new site at OndadeMar.com with a bevy of new features and surprises. 


We asked the two ladies a few questions about the fabulous week which occurred earlier this month in Miami and at our hotel…

The Standard: What was your favorite moment of Swim Week in Miami Beach?

Rosana Lara (Salinas): Enjoying the sunset at The Standard with that amazing view.

Lorena Tejada (OndadeMar): Our favorite moments were the ones when our booth was full of cool people and buyers watching the collection, buying it and enjoying our brand new booth!

How long have you been selling at The Standard shop and tell us what you like about it?

Rosana Lara (Salinas): I have been selling Salinas at The Standard for more than 5 years. I feel successful of having Salinas been sold there.

Lorena Tejada (OndadeMar): We have been selling at The Standard for 5 years now and we love it because The Standard costumer is an Ondademar costumer as well, so what better place to have our line?

Do you have a favorite secret spot in Miami Beach that you love to visit away from the crowds?

Rosana Lara (Salinas): I enjoy visiting Babalu at 1111 Lincoln Road, a kiosk facing the elevator.

Lorena Tejada (OndadeMar): The spa at The Standard is one of our team´s favorite place to chill and lounge after a week of hard work.



Come visit the shop at The Standard Miami to see our other lines including Marzia Genesi Sea, Pucci, Quiksilver, Eres, CIA.Maritima, Pret-a-Surf, and Tooshie.