Meet Mina

Mina Gough

Spa Director, The Standard Spa, Miami Beach


The Standard: Tell us a bit about your background, and what made you decide to enter this field of wellness?

Mina: Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, I naturally love the ocean/water and have a total affinity for bathing - relaxing (lowering my pulse is part of my dna), spa rituals, skin care head to toe, healthy food, yoga and Pilates. I love all of it. I also studied science, architecture and arts - but quickly was drawn to what I love and share what I love = lifestyle, wellness and health. I started opening health clubs, spa and travel concepts… work that took me exploring and discovering wonders in many corners of the world.

What are the spa favorites?

The Standard Spa, Miami is so unique - inside and out - the hydro therapy pools, the hamam, the garden, the fire pit…. it all gives a feeling that makes guests be in robes and slippers or barefoot from the moment they check in.  I love how it invites a sense of play!   The Standard elements bring you to your core - starting the day with a Bayside Sunrise Yoga is total heaven and serenity - love the Miami light. Make sure to have Hamam treatments, Soul Temple, massage, then a Scrub on the Hamam Marble Bed and Bath… soaking every worry away and immediately feeling lighter.