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The British Mad Men

Welcome to the debut of The Hour, the new BBC2 six-part drama set in mid-1950’s London. Although the show is being compared to a British Mad Men, we’re certain they would never want to be compared to another television show. Some similarities can be drawn though. First, it’s about the golden age of media, except this one is about the development of a weekly news show from the early days of TV broadcasting. The main lead is a handsome dark figure that’s also a “playah” with other women.  The Hour is a bit more of a political thriller writes The Luxe Chronicles — so set your TIVO’s and decide for yourself. In any case, we’re fans of a well styled cast dressed to the nines. 

Jake Sumner’s New Video

In our endless quest to find creative new videos to hit the internet, we bring you the new track for Frankie and the Heartstrings called “Hunger” found on Wichita Recordings. The mind who created this lo-fi universe is Jake Sumner, a young director we all have our eyes on, and who is furiously creating an impressive body of work. Did we mention he can also beat anyone hands down in a “dance-off” at a club? The man has skills

We stopped Jake during his whirlwind travel schedule to ask him a few questions about his inspirations, fond childhood memories, and living in the Congo. 

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