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Pickle this Pickle that

Lately there has been quite a buzz about Executive Chef Mark Zeitouni’s Spicy Pickles. They’re quite addicting with just the right amount of kick. The New Times Blog, Short Order recently came by to interview Chef Mark and to learn about his pickling techniques. They also got him to give up his amazing Spicy Dill Pickles Recipe, served exclusively at The Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill at The Standard Miami! Lucky you!

How did you learn how to pickle?

I started pickling in San Francisco, as a chef I was working for asked me to make spicy dill pickles. It took a while to get the recipe down, but then we started pickling everything we could get our hands on. Green beans, watermelon rind, radishes. The only thing we stayed away from was pickling meats, like eggs and pigs feet

How do they add to the menu at The Lido?
They are a natural extension of the healthy vegetable driven menu, by adding another layer of complexity than just cooked or raw vegetables.

Any other favorite pickling combos?
I like serving pickled vegetables and fruits with meats in the hot summer, it is what the body wants in the hot climate and helps digest food.
Any favorite (less popular) pickled veggies?
I think my favorite is pickled baby carrots, but in Maine when I am visiting my friend we eat pickled fiddlehead ferns.
What do you think makes these things so addicting?
Its the vinegar, your body craves it.

Spicy Dill Pickles

20 Kirby cucumbers
1 horseradish root
15 jalapeños
8 cups vinegar
2 cups kosher salt, plus more for ice water mix
Pickling spices (you can use mustard seed, bay leaves, coriander, red pepper flakes, and fennel seed)
Several whole cloves of garlic and sprigs of fresh dill
A large bucket or jars for canning
Cut off the top and bottom ends of the cucumbers. Soak in salted ice water for four hours. This makes the cucumbers crispy.

To prepare the brine, use equal parts water and vinegar and add two cups of kosher salt.
Pour the brine into a large pot. Juice approximately 15 jalapeños and one horseradish root. Mix in about three ounces each of the juices with the brine.
Heat the mixture at a simmer for five to ten minutes, then cool down to about 120 degrees. Add the rest of the jalapeño and horseradish juices.
Strain the chilled cucumbers from the ice water mixture and place in a large bucket (if you’re going to eat them right away) or separate into jars to store for a long period of time. If using jars, make sure to boil them first to remove any bacteria.

Add pickling spices to the cucumbers. At Lido, they use mustard seed, bay leaves, coriander, red pepper flakes, and fennel seed, but you can mix your own to match your taste.  Add whole cloves of garlic and fresh dill.

Take the cooled brining mixture and pour over the cucumbers, making sure they are completely submerged. If you use a large bucket, like they do at Lido, you can cover the cucumbers by placing a couple of large plates over them. If using jars, seal the jar and place in boiling water to force out air. Make one more twist on the top of the jar after removing from heat. Once the jar cools, the rubber will shrink down and pull in the top, sealing it.
Before refrigerating, make sure the pickling mixture reaches room temperature. Then, store in the fridge for four days to a week.

Tara Stiles, Miami loves you!

You know how it is when you’re so hyped up about someone or something that you question how great they really could be? Well you better believe the hype when it comes to the lovely Tara Stiles. The Standard, Miami fell in love with Tara and it was clear why she has such a devout fan club. Tara’s classes were full of her Strala devotees and Miami locals - some fans even drove several hours to attend Tara’s dynamic classes.

In addition to the beautiful poolside yoga video Tara filmed a couple other awesome videos over the weekend - Take Care of Yourself First and How Yoga Works ! And did you see the the video’s from The Standard, Hollywood ? Lately we’ve been hooked to Tara Eats too… if we could only get her in the kitchen with Chef Mark (hint, hint). Stay tuned for dates of Tara Stiles next retreat at The Standard … coming soon!

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Just another day at The Standard Miami

Caught on camera…wtf?! Our best guess is that this is a water jet-pack?

A guest who was dining at The Lido Restaurant + Bayside Grill caught this video on his iPhone (can you spot Chef Mark in the shot!?). Who ever this water jet-pack guy is (we’ll call him Elroy for now), we think he’s pretty awesome.

Elroy from The Jetsons

Mahi Cioppino Sandwich Recipe

Chef Mark on a boat with his latest catch!

Executive chef at The Standard Miami’s Lido Restaurant + Bayside Grill, Mark Zeitouni, shares the history of the infamous Mahi Cioppino Sandwich.

The Standard: How long has the Mahi Cioppino Sandwich been on the menu?

The Mahi Sandwich actually has been on the menu longer than I have been the chef. It was such a hit I couldn’t change it. The sandwich was actually designed by Chef Michelle Lindsay. I probably wouldn’t have paired it with fennel. I am not a big fan of vegetables that are perfumey.

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The Standard’s Mark Zeitouni at Food & Wine

We’re stuffed from this past week’s South Beach Food & Wine event, but we don’t care because it was worth every delicious bite. As usual, our very own chef at The Standard Miami’s Lido Restaurant, Mark Zeitouni cooked up a storm for the 10th Anniversary of the Champagne Perrier-Jouet Bubble event. Chef Mark served his infamous dry rubbed ribs that were smoked in house and served with his homemade pickles and pickled carrots - we’re still thinking about them! Here are a few thoughts running in his hectic mind that day while multi-tasking… 


Chef Mark Zeitouni

The Standard: What is your favorite event at Food & Wine?

Bubble Q, this is my first year of doing Bubble Q, for me the food fits the beach the best. If I were with friends spending the day on the beach, it is the type of food we would cook. Also because I like champagne.

What’s your favorite champagne?

Despite that I’m not a big champagne snob, I do really love Krug.

If you were a food, what would you be and why?

A Sea Scallop, sweet flavor with a firm texture, no hair and very little fat.

What is your favorite dish outside of The Standard Grill (in Miami)?

BBQ shrimp at Red Light.

Lido Bayside Restaurant + Grill

To taste Chef Mark’s ribs and many other delicious dishes, call (323) 650-9090 to make your reservation.

Lazy Sundays at The Standard Miami

If you haven’t already been, make sure to join us for Lazy Sundays at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach soon. Doesn’t spending your Sunday with a delicious BBQ, cold drinks by a bay and a pool with fun people and great tunes sound perfect? We thought so. See ya soon.

In the meantime, check out pics from Vince Vernet (his photo blog here!) from last Sunday’s fun day below:

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Wanderlust at The Standard Spa

You know how much we love yoga, so we couldn’t be more excited about the fact that one of the most epic yoga and music festivals in the world is setting up shop at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach in a few weeks.

From March 17-20 join some our favorite yogis from the nation’s top studios, including Elena Brower of Vira Yoga, Schuyler Grant of the Kula Yoga Project, plus Barbara Verrochi and Kristin Leigh of The Shala. They are teaming up with our very own Loren Russo and Christy Nones acclaimed teachers at The Standard Spa to create the ultimate yoga weekend. To set the mood and some nightly yogi dance-offs in the Lido Lounge, DJ Bonobo will spin some tunes, while special sunset bayside performances will be provided by The Mayapuris, Shaman’s Dream, Prasanna and Garth Stevenson.

Starting at $750 you get four days of world class yoga classes and workshops, full access to the spa and hydrotherapy baths (Hamam, Sauna, Steam Room, Mud Lounge, etc.) and a three night stay (plus a yummy healthy breakfast courtesy of Chef Mark at The Lido Restaurant + Bayside Grill!).

Tickets are going on sale today, so hurry before we book up! In the meantime, you can catch Loren and Christy at their regular scheduled classes here and more info on all our spa offerings here.

Meet Chef Mark

Mark Zeitouni

Chef, The Standard Spa, Miami Beach



The Standard: In Arabic, zeitoun means olive. What is your nationality and how does that inspire your cuisine?

My Father was born in Egypt, my mother is American, my grandfather on my fathers side was born in Lebanon and my grandmother on my fathers side was born in Egypt to Syrian parents. My grandparents on my fathers side, passed away shortly after I was born and since my father was not a gourmet chef by any means, the influence came more from raw ingredients we had in the house. My father ate mostly whole fruits and raw vegetables and salads. But opposed to a traditional American household, we didn’t use butter or have any dairy around the house. Eggs were cooked in olive oil and were served for dinner. Breakfast consisted of hard whole grain breads and fruit with really strong Turkish coffee.

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