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This Saturday in Los Angeles you can meet the cast + creators of “The Adventures of Pete and Pete” at The Cinefamily

Cinefamily’s 2nd Annual Everything Is Festival

It’s 4th of July weekend. By all means, go find a body of water somewhere (Pool Side at The Standard, Hollywood perhaps?), throw something delicious on the BBQ, grab a beer, and work on that sunburn.  All we’re saying is that maybe you should consider taking a few breaks this weekend. You know, get yourself in some air conditioning, something sweet to munch on, and maybe see a few good movies.  We don’t mean the latest blockbuster, come on, that’s not our style.  Nope, we have a much much better suggestion.  This weekend, those wacky cinematic geniuses at Everything Is Terrible have partnered up with one of our besties, The Cinefamily, to bring you The 2nd Annual Everything Is Festival!

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Cinefamily’s Tribute to Jean Rollin

Fantastique French film director Jean Rollin was tackling vampires long before the cheesiness of Twilight. On June 2nd our good friends at The Cinefamily are paying tribute to Jean Rollin with an Erotique Fantastique Masquerade Ball. Expect to see a 1968 Rollin’s classic Le Viol du Vampire (The Rape of The Vampire) featuring a live score by Demdike Stare + Anworth Kirk.  If this trailer is any indication it’s going to be one cray cray party. 

(Trailer for Jean Rollin’s Requiem pour un Vampire (Requiem For a Vampire))

Click here for more details on the Erotique Fantastique Masquerade Ball and the other Jean Rollin’s movies playing at The Cinefamily.

Werner Herzog rocks some 3D

Hadrian Belove of The Cinefamily said it always a dream of his to take moviegoers out of the movie theater. “You know”, he explains, “take a bunch of people fishing while simultaneously screening a movie about fishing”.  Thanks to two LA movie organizations, The Cinefamily and Cinespia, dreams can come true.   Last Sunday, this dynamic duo teamed up to present Werner Herzog’s new 3D documentary The Cave of Forgotten Dreams in the Hall of Mammals at The Los Angeles Natural History Museum.


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For All the Cartoon Junkies

Even though we’re all grown up with jobs and we floss regularly and everything there’s still nothing like waking up on Saturday morning, grabbing some cereal, and catching the morning cartoons. If you are lucky enough to have premium cable you can occasionally still find some of the classicsThe Snorks, GI Joe, The Get Along Gang, Jem and the Holograms, Superfriends, and The Thunder Cats….   Damn, we love cartoons.

The Los Angeles Animation Festival

Cartoon fans in Los Angeles this weekend should make a stop at the Los Angeles Animation Festival.  It’s running December 3rd through the 7th at Cinefamily.    Some of this weekend’s highlights include an homage to classing MTV animation (Aeon Flux, anyone?), a live panel with the masterminds at Titmouse, the US premiere of Piercing 1 – the 1st ever Chinese independent feature film, a new live score to the classic 1973 film Fantastic Planet, the LA premiere of Takeshi Koike’s adrenaline pumping Redline, and Keita Kurosaka’s film Midori-Ko which was painstakingly rendered entirely in colored pencil.  

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