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Wes Lang Is Staring At Empty Pages

We love art.  We love staring at things.  We love beer.  We love tattoos.  Okay.  We don’t LOVE tattoos.  We have one, but it’s hidden, and you probably will never see it unless you buy me dinner and drinks first.  But regardless, I’m bringing all of these things to your attention because contemporary artist Wes Lang opened his latest exhibition a couple days ago.

This latest showing entitled Staring at Empty Pages is a collection of the artist’s works, found objects and pieces from the artist’s personal collection.  The opening reception is this Friday, November 12th from 6pm - 9pm at Partners & Spade, and next Saturday, November 20th, from 2pm - 4pm at the gallery, Lang will be giving tattoos from a pre-drawn selection of custom flash.

My most favorite part of it all is that Lang’s work is in the permanent collection at MOMA!  A tattoo from a MOMA permanent resident is pretty much a done deal for anyone!  Even Stan.

The exhibit runs from now through December 5th.  
40 Great Jones Street, NYC.  646-861-2827


When you woke up this morning and logged onto the interwebs, you had no idea that we were sitting here and waiting for you to show up.  Now you’re here, and we’re in love.  We know.  It was inevitable that it would happen.  Our psychic told us so.

What we have done for you, our little Stan D’elovelies, is taken our Standard Hotel world and brought you our most culturally relevant tidbits that your little hearts could desire. 

For instance, our Gallery features all the photography taken by our favorite photogs including Bruce Weber, Steven Klein and Olivier Zahm to name a few.  The Latest section is our main feed of news, postings, guest bloggers, family and friends.  You’re gonna love it.  

We wouldn’t be the “latest” in any regard without our Friends, bien sur!  This is the part where we’ve asked our nearest and dearest to guest blog for us including photographer Cheryl Dunn, filmmaker Casey Neistat and gallerist Al Moran, amongst others.  Let us know if you’d like to guest blog for us too, and we’ll work something out.

The Events page is where you’ll find all the hottest happenings at all the properties in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.  Meet our gorgeous staff in the Family section, and if you’re staying at one of the properties, you can record your own video there too!  

The Standard Sounds section will blow your mind with FREE downloadable playlists reflective of and curated by each hotel…and they change monthly!

Standard Shop is a new and improved utopia of products, artist collabs and select special items from the hotels that you can take home as your own.

So there you have it.  Our world is your oyster, and your oyster is our world.  We’ll see you back here tomorrow if not later today.  Look for my Stan D’elicious avatar to know when it’s me coming at you, and if you can’t get enough, just follow me on Twitter!


Booze and Tricks for the Night

The Standard, Hollywood is such a good sport. While some establishments shoo away skater rats, we say “come over, build a ramp in our backyard”… and boy we’re glad we did. The other night, approx 200+ cool folks came hungry to jump on the large wooden platform constructed for the night.  Add food, booze, and good conversation.

Seeing the skills of Mike Carroll, Arto Saari, Andrew “The Bawse” Reynolds, Dylan Rieder, Sal Barbier, Lance Mountain, Kenny Anderson, Vincent Alvarez, and Eric Koston (amongst others) was a sight to behold. Thanks to Matador, Beef Jerky, Lakai, and Red Bull for pulling this together. Come again sometime!

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Graphic of the Day: Barbara Streisand

It seems the latest track on everyone’s lips this week is a new song by the DJ duo known as Duck Sauce called “Barbara Streisand”. 

If you don’t know, new school DJ A-Trak (ex-DMC champion) has worked with everyone from Kanye West to Kid Cudi while old school Armand Van Helden is probably the most classic dance DJ’s of all time. The concept of A-Trak making beats with Armand is like discovering chocolate tastes good with peanut butter. They killed the dancefloor with their first single “aNYway” but this time, the tune “Barbara Streisand” is doing the furious rounds on YouTube and Facebook pages. 

The song will be available October 10, 2010 on their iTunes page. In the meantime, kick back and enjoy the silly video. If you look, you’ll notice a quick cameo of Santigold messing in the studio with A-Trak.

Here’s a homage to New York and Babs…

Duck Sauce “Barbra Streisand” from Mr Goldbar on Vimeo.

Rise & Shine in Miami

Just a little reminder as Winter season approaches. Our Miami hotel is warm, happy, peaceful, and ready to take on all those nutty vibes from the harsh city.

Time to recalibrate. Here’s a reminder. 

The Standard Miami’s Spa & Well-being Center


A few years back, we received word that our good friend Rose Apodaca was leaving her post as West Coast Editor of Women’s Wear Daily to open up a small store in Silverlake, California with Andy Griffith focusing on all things design.  As saddened as we were with her departure from what most of our friends consider their bible, we were happy for Rose and her new venture.  Little did we know though that her new venture would culminate into one of the most influential design boutiques celebrating design found and curated the world over.

Ladies and Stan D’entlemen, we would like to introduce you to A + R, one of the world’s most foremost mecca’s for global design….edited.

This brightly lit shop brings to design aficionados the most precious objets d’art for the home organized into the most simple of categories.  Cooking, dining, drinking , furnishing, kidding, playing, reading, sleeping.  Does it get an easier than this?

How about Yuen’to Design’s Ballon USB Speaker to start?  We never picnic without Romain Gauthrot’s Double Walled Thermo Bottle.  People reel in jealousy when they see us pouring our green tea from it.  But our ultimate favorite dining accessory?  Studio Pirsc’s Zepplin Seasoning Shakers.  We own all three.  One is for salt.  One is for pepper, and the third is for our seasoning du jour. We always leave our dinner guests wondering what they’re going to get when they shake our zepplin.  And you know how much we like to shake our zepplin on the daily!

You can visit A+R’s online store for immediate consumption, but if you had to be in the fair city of Los Angeles, you MUST visit the shop that changed the face of design.  They’ve moved stores from Silverlake to Venice because everyone LOVES a seaside design store.

A + R is located at  1121-1 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, California.  310-392-9128.



Stan loves a party more than anyone else we know.  Give us a martini, a pair of Dior Homme sunglasses, a stripper pole and some pulsating beats, and we’re good to go.  Although, the one thing we love more than a party is a pool party, and that’s exactly what we had last weekend when we celebrated The Standard Hotel’s boardshort collaboration with Quiksilver on the rooftop of The Standard, Downtown LA. We wish you could have been there because it was over the top!

All of Los Angeles’ Stan D’elovelies showed up to take part in the festivities and to get their hands on a pair of shorts and bikinis being sold through the first ever swimsuit vending machine.  (The machine was also dispensing condoms just in case anyone wanted to “lose” their boardshorts later.  Safety first!)

There were black and red jello shots to match the Standard Downtown’s boardshorts.  Performances by Dawes and Warpaint sent some revelers into an aquatic frenzy while the rest of the crew used the Quiksilver water guns to attack the party people contorting their bodies on the the giant Twister board!  

Our favorite part of the festivities was the life size “photobooth” where people were posing for pictures in their new boardshorts with vintage Quiksilver mannequins.  All pics are uploaded to The Standard’s Facebook page. Make sure to upload yours if you haven’t already.

And what’s a party without gifts???  If you were one of the lucky ones to garner an invite, you probably walked away with Quiksilver’s mismatched flip flops made in the same graphics as the shorts.  Too chic!  We’ve been mismatching since we were seven years old.  There was also on-site custom t-shirt screening where you got to pick your print, design your t-shirt and silkscreen a one of a kind tee to take home with you.  We’re wearing ours right now!

We don’t want to drive you crazy with all the fun details of a party you missed, so we made a video for you which you can watch by clicking here.  And if you haven’t bought your limited edition Standard Quiksilver boardshorts yet, visit Shop The Standard to see if they haven’t yet run out.  If so, email us and maybe we’ll give you ours…..but we probably won’t!  Sorry!