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A paean to cool: in Ed Ruscha’s latest exhibit, Jack Kerouac is found in translation…

A paean to cool: in Ed Ruscha’s latest exhibit, Jack Kerouac is found in translation…

Stan D’arde’s Summer Essentials

The Pool at The Standard, Miami

For me, weekends are the greatest days of the week.  Actually, my entire week is really like a seven day weekend, but I like to focus on Saturday and Sunday because that’s when my friends don’t have to go a thing they call a “job” (what is that????), and they have time to hang out with me.  

Now that I find myself spending a lot of time in NYC during the summer, the friends and I usually run out to my beach house for the weekend or we fly down to The Standard, Miami for endless spa services or we go to LA to hang out with celebs and all the fabulous people I know at The Standard, Hollywood or The Standard, Downtown LA.  

But no matter where I go, there are certain things I always need to take with me, and I’m here today to share them with you because I know your weekends would fall apart without them…

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A Night for Hopper

New York lost a big fish in the art scene when Jeffrey Deitch (Deitch Projects) moved to the west coast in order to be the new Director of MOCA, Los Angeles. His first project was the immense retrospective of Dennis Hopper’s career entitled Dennis Hopper Double Standard. Earlier in the summer, André Balazs and Jeffrey Deitch put heads together to co-host a private “friends & family” dinner to celebrate Jeffrey’s first presentation in Los Angeles. The guests? Art meets Hollywood.


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There are VERY few things that we get excited about because we’re the kind of guy that isn’t that impressed by much, but last year, when we heard The Gagosian Gallery was opening up a storefront shop, we almost LOST it!  Yes, darlings.  We know we said “last year”, but we’re very busy.  We never make it up above 14th Street when we’re in NYC…every major maison has outposts in SoHo now.  But we know you know that already. 

ANYSTAN…last week, we went uptown because we needed a new white gold chain for our Jack Vartanian letter necklace, and we walked by the shop.  Can you say STAN D’AMAZINGOHMYGODWHATISTHATALLABOUT?!?!  It’s the chicest place in the world.  Tom Sachs chess sets for $10,000….(we bought one).  Signed Damien Hirst prints for $250…(we bought four).  The 2,500 square foot space features Gagosian publications, posters, prints, as well as limited editions by John Currin,Tom Friedman, Ellen Gallagher, Jeff Koons, Marc Newson, Richard Prince, Ed Ruscha and the list goes on and on and on and on….

We don’t mean to get all giddy on you, but this might be one of the greatest retail operations the world has ever seen.  If you’re ever in Manhattan, forget the top of the Empire State Building and go straight to the Gagosian Storefront.  Enough said.

Gagosian Storefront
988 Madison Avenue
Mon - Sat: 10:00am - 6:30pm