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Eva Zeisel’s Bellybutton in our Lobby

(Eva Zeisel is the bees knees)

Anyone who knows anything about industrial design will tell you that Eva Zeisel is pretty much the shiznit.  She’s literally one of the most important modern designers ever.  But don’t let Ms. Zeisel hear you describe her as an industrial designer, she instead prefers the title, “maker of useful things”.  Adorable, we know, but she’s got some serious street cred, too.  In 1946, she was the first woman to ever have a one-person-show at MOMA.  Her design for that show, the Museum line, was the first ever table service created in the US that was entirely white, prior to that fancy tableware was sparkly and gilded and covered in ornate birds and flowers.  Using organically curved plates and dishes Eva Zeisel single-handedly invented a new modern way of being formal.

(This picture makes mid-century modern collectors cream their pants. 
Museum line: Creamer, relish tray, small bowl and spoons by Eva Zeisel.  Photo courtesy of the MOMA)

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