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Meet Robert Escalera

Meet Robert.  He’s devilishly handsome, charming beyond compare, dresses like he’s vacationing at an exclusive resort, and keeps the Pool Deck at The Standard, Hollywood brimming with fun. He’s also got a heart of gold, Blackbook just sang his praises and we thought The Standard world should know him, too.

(Robert Escalera and his friend Mikey)

Full Name: Robert Escalera
Exact Title: Poolside Restaurant Manager 
Sun Sign: Capricorn

First off, tell us a bit about your background, and what you do at the Standard?

I am a born and raised Miami boy which oftentimes answers peoples questions in itself like “Robert, where are you from?” “Miami” “Ooohhhhh, now it makes sense.” After traveling the globe for a while I was brought to New York by fashion but soon grew tired of living out of a suitcase and all the people who take themselves way too seriously. I began working as a promotional director for nightclubs such as Life, Spa, and Crobar. Though I’ve always loved the art of nightlife, the ability to make every person feel welcome as if all the production was just for them, and the challenge of keeping it interesting and cutting edge; I grew weary of the grueling hours and the fact that I was getting older but the crowds stayed the same age.  The transition from nightclubs to restaurants came completely natural. I love hospitality and having the unique ability to change people’s experience. We literally get to create lifelong memories for our guests and that is not a responsibility I take lightly. With fourteen years of New York under my belt it was time for a change. Los Angeles is as if you took Miami and New York and put it in a blender so it was a perfect fit for me. It’s great to work for a company who at the core has the same integrity and vision as you, but the fact that I wear flip flops to work half the time doesn’t hurt either.

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Theyyyyy’re Baaaaack! Swimming With Sharks

Swimming With Sharks: 2011 Teaser from The Video Mouse on Vimeo.

Even though it’s not technically until June 21, most people mark the beginning of summer with Memorial Day. For us, it doesn’t truly feel like summer until the Swimming With Sharks crew shows up, so we’re excited to announce that we’ll be kicking off the season this Saturday, June 4, with Swimming With Sharks on The Rooftop!

As we gear up for Saturday, host Matt Goldman gives us a little peek behind the curtain. Read more for a Q&A with the leader of the pack…

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Meet DJ Micah

Meet DJ Micah.  He’s been known to take over the Purple Lounge at The Standard, Hollywood and we recently pinned him down and got him to answer a few questions for us:

Full Name? 

Micah James

What is your DJ name? Why?

DJ Micah James. Because Lindsey Buckingham was already taken

What genre of music do you spin?

Every kind. From Prince to The Pixies

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Checking in with Michael Castillejos

Introducing our Texan turned Brooklynite bellman at The Standard hotel in New York - Michael Castillejos. Watch this staff video and learn more about what life is like welcoming our awesome guests, working with other multi-talented staffers, his last music download, and more. Follow Michael on twitter (@macastillejos) and learn more about him here.

Video by Markus Marty

Foster The People “Houdini” (Valida’s Slip Out Mix)

The Standard, Hollywood's darling DJ Valida, a KCRW DJ, just completed an amazing remix of LA band Foster the People's song Houdini and we can’t get enough of it. 

(Click here to listen to DJ Valida’s remix of Foster The People’s Houdini)

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Meet Scott

Full Name: Scott Hauser
Exact Title: Membership Director
Sun Sign: Pisces

(Scott Hauser, Chillin by The Standard Miami Pool)

Meet Scott, Memberhip Director at The Standard Miami. Scott Hauser is one of those people you can’t go anywhere with without having to stop to talk to at least 5 people. Scott knows everyone and has more friends than he would care to admit. We think it’s because he’s got such a great, out-going personality. So, just in case you’re one of the few that hasn’t met Scott at The Standard Miami, we would be happy to introduce you!

First off, tell us a bit about your background, and what you do at the Standard?

I graduated from University of Miami in 1987 with a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and got my Master’s in Psychology/Higher Education. I took a small break between the two and worked as an Assistant Manager at a Restaurant called “Bevery Hills Café.”  While obtaining my Masters Degree, I became a professor and taught a Psych course at FIU for Freshmen Student while also being a crisis counselor. I left FIU to work shortly for the Shore Club.  After a Year as the overnight Manager, I was recruited as a Sales Manager for Golds Gym/ Crunch Fitness and then opened Equinox South Beach in 2005.

Before going from Crunch to Equinox, I had the pleasure of working for The Standard Miami from 2004 – 2005 as the Executive Assistant to David Lemmond prior to The Standard opening. I was extremely excited when the opportunity to rejoin The Standard in 2010 as the Membership Director where I was given the task of developing and creating the membership department.  When I came aboard on April 14th 2010 there were 121 active members. I am happy to say that as of today, we have 516 Members here at the Standard Spa, Miami Beach.

What’s your favorite secret spot in Miami?

In between 2nd and 3rd Street Beach.  No one knows me or bothers me there. Very quiet and relaxing.

iPhone or Blackberry? What APP do you use the most?

iPhone. Grinder.

What’s one of your most memorable moments in the building?

When I worked here back in 2004 the offices got closed due to licensing, so the city made us move out of the building within 24 hours. The staff had to move  into a house on 15th street where we conducted business for a couple of months.

I spend most of my time thinking about ____________?

Getting a six pack…..stomach not beer!!!!

What was the last song you downloaded?

"S & M" Remix by Rihanna featuring Britney Spears

What is your favorite movie based in a hotel?

Indecent Proposal

How has 2011 treated you so far?

Awesome! Reached some personal goals, including reaching 500+ members, but now need to work on some personal ones… finding a soulmate

When you finally break free from work, what is the next awesome place you plan to vacation to?

Going on a 12 day cruise leaving from Rome, going to Turkey, Greece and back to Italy!


To contact Scott directly and learn more information, you can reach him at Membership at The Standard Miami.

Meet DJ Sabo!

(We imagine he must be playing “Welcome to the Jungle”)

Add DJ Sabo to the list of former New Yorkers we’ve recruited to the bright side. Welcome to LA, Will! Learn more about him here and come visit him every other Wednesday on The Rooftop at the Standard Downtown, Los Angeles.

The Standard: Give us your full name.
DJ Sabo: William Sabatini

What is your DJ name? Why? 
Sabo is short for Sabatini, and that is a nickname I got when I was in soccer camp at age 10. It was a nickname and “tag” I had throughout high school, so I just thought it’d be a cool DJ name.

What genres of music do you spin?
Latin, Afro, Brazilian, Disco, House, Reggae, Dub, Cumbia, Moombahton, and anything else that sounds funky and has a “feel good” rhythm to it.

Tell me the top five jams right now on the dancefloor?
MOOMBAHTON - the entire genre has me excited right now, and I’ve made several edits that I play in my sets.
• Ragysh - Todd Terje
• Falling (Deetron Acid Dub) - Ben Westbeech
• Tekuna - Nice 7
• Sigueme (Lazaro Casanova remix) - Sabo & DJ Afro

What is the stupidest request you have been asked?
Once while playing Fela Kuti’s “Water No Get Enemy”, someone asked me if I could play something “African”?

What year did you start DJ’ing?

Laptop? CD? iPod? Vinyl? 
I’m currently playing with CDs, and sometimes vinyl if the gig is within walking distance.

What are your feelings about drinking and working?
Sure, why not?

What is the 1 old-school classic you still bust out every time?
Keep On - D-Train

Do you have a special closing song of the night?
It depends on the moment, but I play this bootleg called “Healing in Vain” quite often.

DJ Sabo is up on The Rooftop at The Standard, Downtown LA every other Wednesday night, from 9:30 pm - 1:30 am. To learn more about him, visit him on his Official Site or listen to a mix on his Soundcloud. You can always follow him on Twitter or Facebook too. 

Tonight, Let Your Soul Clap

It’s Friday afternoon and we’re well aware that everybody’s working for the weekend. Still, we wanted to take a moment to let you know that it would be wise to save some of those killer dance moves for Monday night, when NY-based DJ Jonathan Toubin blows into town to take over The Rooftop with New York Night Train Soul Clap and Dance-Off! We’re honored to host the first occurrence of this party anywhere in LA and can’t wait to see who best shakes their moneymaker for $100 cash.

DJ Jonathan Toubin is already out on the road but took a few moments to answer our Standard DJ quiz. Here is what he had to say…

(DJ Jonathan Toubin gets into the groove)

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Marcello Ibanez’s Chalkboard Art

(Marcello Ibanez - Chalkboard Artist)

One of the hidden treasures at The Standard, Miami is the chalkboard art found all around the property. The artist is one of the Standard Miami’s own, Marcello Ibanez, who works at The Lido Restaurant and Bayside Grill. Lovingly known as “Marshmallow,” Marcello’s chalkboard art brings smiles to the guest’s and staff at our bayside hotel. We caught up with Marcello to learn a little more about his wonderful art.

(Cloudy day at Miami with 50 %  chance of rain. The sun and the cloud are from Miami — that’s why they both have big collagen lips botox, sunglasses, + are slightly hungover)

The Standard: Tell us about yourself…

Marcello Ibanez: I hate talking about myself but I guess I don’t really have a choice right now. My name is Marcello Daniel Ibanez, I’m from Argentina and I’m a photographer graduated from U.P Universidad de Palermo Design and Communication. I’ve always had a passion for drawing and I have developed it along the years.

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Meet Andrew All

Name: Andrew All

Title: Rooftop Manager

Sun Sign: Taurus

Meet Andrew, the man who holds it down on our infamous rooftop at The Standard Downtown Los Angeles. Having a decade experience in running bars, Andrew was snagged by our company to run all cool activities on our illustrious roof. We also poked around only to discover his love of Scrabble and NBA…

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