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Don’t Question Stan, Joel Schumacher!

For my next Q&A in the “Don’t Question Stan” series of titillating interviews, I bring to you the world famous Director, Producer and Screenwriter, Joel Schumacher!  Don’t ask how.  It’s just what Stan does.  

Joel has been a very dear friend to Stan and to all of us here at The Standard Hotels, as well as The Mercer and The Chateau, and it was only befitting that he be the next to face the wrath of my interrogation!  Well, you know what I mean…

Few people realize that you directed the video for one of my favorite songs, “Letting The Cables Sleep" by Bush.  What do you think letting the cables sleep means…because I have absolutely no idea?

Well, Gavin Rossdale and I had become friendly, and we had rooms next to each other at The Mercer Hotel when he had written that song.  He came into my room and played it for me.  He explained to me that it was about communication.  

The band had either a friend or a band member who was gay and had AIDS.  The friend would never tell anyone, but they all knew.  All the extended friends and family knew, but he wouldn’t admit it.  So when he died, Gavin was heart broken because had his friend just talked to him, he would have known that no one would have cared and that there was nothing to hide.  

Gavin was heart broken.  The song is about communication.  Very poetic.  Letting the cable sleep seems cautionary….letting communication sleep.  The only cables I can connect with communication would be all the cables that we use FOR communication.  

I decided to do this video with a Last Tango in Paris meets Don’t Look Now idea, and the only thought that I put into it was an artistic way to show his message…two strangers in a room and having intimate sex and not speaking to each other.  And then when he runs after her on the street, she signs to him because she doesn’t have the gift of speech…

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