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Some Love from the Big Boys

Ok. So we realize this song was released online on August 11th, but it’s still on heavy rotation here at The Standard office…. note: 5 and 1 /2 million hits on YouTube already? Damn! Watch The Throne is out now and here’s the first single “Otis”. Download the track on iTunes.

Our favorite part? Hova’s “Live from The Mercer" shout-out referring to our sister hotel, at 1:28. We love you too, Jay!

George Condo Does Kanye

First unveiled at Coachella 2011, HighSnobiety showed us a series of George Condo T-Shirts for Kanye West. Overall there are three different shirts being offered, each featuring artwork from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. First come, first served. The limited edition series are now available online at Karmaloop.  

Coachella Hangover

(Life Magazine coverage of Coachella 2011)

Well, another Coachella has come and gone. Now is the time to read all the reviews on the best acts (Arcade Fire + Kanye) and fashionista wrap-ups of the 3 day event. Life Magazine’s Coachella portfolio, pictured above, seemed to be near the stage for all the band portraits.

We’re not quite sure where took their portraits, certainly not on the field. We suspect their Vogue portfolio consisting of creatives such as Harley Viera Newton to Philip Lim, were taken on some chic estate in the desert where all the fashionistas truly hung out and relaxed over some cocktails and conversation. 

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Joy Bryant MixTape

Joy Bryant is many things — actress, fashion lady, Sudoku player, and producer. She is also self-dubbed “The Shreddy Negress” in the form of snowboard enthusiast. Here she is in her fierce Jamaican military snow gear posing in front of the helicopter that is dropping her on a powdery mountain in order to “slice through the snow like a hot knife on butter” she laughs.

She stresses this ain’t just music. The mix tape is an exercise in the art of abandon —  ”the songs help me stop trippin’ and just be cool”. If you look at Joy’s trusty iPod on these diminishing winter days on the mountain, you’ll find the score located under Essential Sounds of the Sideways Slip.

 (Joy’s Snowboarding Mixtape, Essential Sounds of the Sideways Slip for NYP.)

1. “Mind Power” by A Tribe Called Quest

So chill, so groovy. Whether I’m getting ready to head up the mountain, or standing on my board about to do my first run, I need the Tribe to get my mind right.

2. “Sucker M.C.’s” by Run-DMC

I remember learning the words when I was kid. Yup, waaaay back in 1984 and it’s STILL killing it! I knew nothing about snowboarding back then. Now, I’m a fiend.

3. “Optimistic” by Radiohead

Perfect song to listen to while riding the chairlift. I just sit there looking out over the mountain, the snow, trees and sky, with a big ass smile on my face. Yay mon, everyting gonna be alright.

4. “Halfway Home” by TV on the Radio

These dudes blow my mind. Such an epic song! It soars!!! If I had wings and could fly, this would be on my flying playlist too. Which brings me to…

5. “Jump In The Air and Stay There” by Erykah Badu & Lil Wayne

Helicopter runs? Word.

6. “Real As It Gets” by Jay-Z & Young Jeezy

Time to go into Jedi mode when this comes on. No try, just do. Just lean back, and let my board do its thing. Yes, it gets really real.

7. “We Major” by Kanye West & Nas

This is my favorite song to ride to! Over 7 minutes long, it keeps going on and on. And the second it comes on, it makes my day so much better and that run so much sweeter. And I feel major as hell.

8. “Gold Watch” by Lupe Fiasco

I got my gold bindings and my hot gear, with my fancy board, and my braided hair…Totally fashion’d out. I can’t help it!

9. “6 Foot 7 Foot” by Lil Wayne & Cory Gun

That beat, that flow! It launches me joyously (ha!), yelling “Woohoo” and “Hell Yeah” all the way down the run.

10. “Rock ‘N’ Roll” by Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Jim Jones & Kobe Jame

MEGA!!! As soon as I heard this, I couldn’t wait to ride to it. Rae and Ghost are always so buttery together. When this comes on, I can’t do anything else but rip with a whole lot of swagger. Peace to the Gods!

Purple Magazine’s Madness on Top

When Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine called me to say that he wanted to celebrate his new issue with a party on the ENTIRE 18th floor of The Standard, NY for Zac Posen’s new line, Z Spoke, all I could think was “Uh Oh.  Here we go again!”  And I was right.  If ever there was a fashion party to end all fashion parties, it was this one.

As soon as the doors opened up to The Top of the Standard and Le Bain, fashion’s fiercest started to pile in.  Everyone showed up to celebrate with Olivier and crew.  Let’s begin the roll call… The Olsen Twins, Kanye West, Jared Leto, Alex Wang, Elise Overland, Richard Chai, Costello Tagliapietra, Johan Lindeberg, Waris Ahluwalia, Bonnie Morrison, Calvin Klein’s Kevin Carrigan and Francesco Clemente.  I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you…

For the entire collection of pics visit The Gallery.

Coachella Bands Announced

Kanye West, Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Kings of Leon, Interpol, Lauryn Hill, Sleigh Bells, The Kills, Nas, Cut Copy…. blah blah blah….

The time has come! Coachella has announced the big line-up for the 2011 Festival — Friday, April 15 thru Sunday, April 17th. To see the entire list of confirmed bands or purchase tickets, go to Graphic found on Zisformars

You’ll Always Be My +1

(Kanye jumps on the Bar at Boom Boom Room for Impromptu Rhymes)

Every now and then, someone takes an interest in Stan even more than I take an interest in myself.  This time it was our friends over at Guest of a Guest.  They sent me a quick email asking if I would indulge them in a little Q & A about my thoughts and feelings on life, love and The Standards as a whole.  How could I have said no?  

Read the full investigative interview here.

Photo courtesy of Mike Nouveau.

Marco Brambilla’s Vision

Director Marco Brambilla is a force of nature and a prized member of The Standard family. André Balazs asked Brambilla to create and develop an otherworldly art installation, Civilization, inside the elevators of The Standard, New YorkKanye West was so inspired by the installation that he commissioned Marco to create a video for his new song, “Power”. Here is the Directors Cut, Uncensored.

Kanye West POWER by Marco Brambilla (Director’s Cut) from ARTJAIL on Vimeo.

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