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sly stone and lady gaga!? yes please.

sly stone and lady gaga!? yes please.


Nicola Does New York

In this exclusive MilkMade video directed by Joshua Zeman, Nicola Formichetti, the Mugler designer and Lady Gaga’s stylist, gives us a peek inside his new concept store, created in collaboration with Gage/Clemenceau Architects . The video featured Rick Genest, the tattooed face of Mugler better known as Rico, the Zombie Boy. The store is located at 50 Walker Street.

Patti Labelle + Lady Gaga Sing For Me

Last night, Lady Gaga & Patti Labelle came together last night to sing a little song for me…..and then we danced.  Once in a lifetime people.  But I’ll probably do it again tomorrow night.

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All photos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

There are very few moments when I step back from my world, and think “Okay…it doesn’t get better than this.”  But tonight, the pendulum swung in a different direction because Lady Gaga herself came knocking on my door, and of course I had to let her in.  Wouldn’t you?  And she didn’t come alone.  Miss Patti Labelle joined the madness for a duet with the Lady herself (check out their rad duet here).

After the CFDA Awards, everyone came down to the Boom.  It was beyond epic.  Everyone from Uma Thurman, Terence Koh, Karolina Kurkova, Nicola Formichetti and Marc Jacobs.  I could go on and on but that would be uncouth.  

I’m giving you a sneak peak now, but you know there’s always more to come, so check back in soon.  All my love always….

The Deleted SNL Scene

This last Saturday was the season finale for Saturday Night Live! Somehow, we managed to survive the Rapture that evening, and were graced with a final batch of comic shorts. First, there was Lady Gaga doing her "Born This Way" rendition with another wacky outfit… all the while simulating birth onstage. Justin Timberlake was the actor host. Then there was the return of Jimmy Fallon, for a special reunion of Justin and Jimmy doing "The Barry Gibb Talk Show" doing a hilarious opening tune.

Most notably, we just got schooled on the fact there was a deleted scene that didn’t air Saturday night. It’s called “Mozart: Dress Rehearsal”. It’s pretty damn funny. 

Sir Marco vs Lady Gaga

We’ve been watching Lady Gaga’s Born This Way a lot since it came out earlier this week, and every single time we see it, we can’t but help notice the incredible similarity between the birth of her underworld and Marco Brambilla’s Civilization video (which is featured in the elevators at The Standard, New York).  See for yourself.  Watch Brambilla’s video and then watch Gaga’s starting at the 1:20 mark.  Email me and let me know what you think.

Born This Way

Sort of reminds me of my own birth.  Ladies & Gentlemen.  Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” as envisaged by Nick Knight.

Ricky Saiz’s New Video

Ricky Saiz is a lover not a fighter. More importantly, he’s a lovely spirit we all adore having seen him grow up in the creative circles of New York City. His main gig is serving as one of the head designers for Supreme — the epicenter of the skate scene in New York, as well as a respected clothing label worldwide. The other designer is Brendan Babenzien, who we’ll feature at a later date. This month, their campaign for Supreme with Lady Gaga has hit the streets and the internet— spreading like wildfire with one of the most loyal fan bases from New York to Japan.

Recently, Ricky just directed a music video for “Love One” written and performed by Hanni El Khatib. The narrative is short and simple… a night of mayhem at Coney Island. It’s taken from the forthcoming album entitled Will the Guns Come Out

Ricky gave us a few minutes to discuss inspirations, work, and a crazy night in Amsterdam…

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Don’t Question Stan, Joel Schumacher!

For my next Q&A in the “Don’t Question Stan” series of titillating interviews, I bring to you the world famous Director, Producer and Screenwriter, Joel Schumacher!  Don’t ask how.  It’s just what Stan does.  

Joel has been a very dear friend to Stan and to all of us here at The Standard Hotels, as well as The Mercer and The Chateau, and it was only befitting that he be the next to face the wrath of my interrogation!  Well, you know what I mean…

Few people realize that you directed the video for one of my favorite songs, “Letting The Cables Sleep" by Bush.  What do you think letting the cables sleep means…because I have absolutely no idea?

Well, Gavin Rossdale and I had become friendly, and we had rooms next to each other at The Mercer Hotel when he had written that song.  He came into my room and played it for me.  He explained to me that it was about communication.  

The band had either a friend or a band member who was gay and had AIDS.  The friend would never tell anyone, but they all knew.  All the extended friends and family knew, but he wouldn’t admit it.  So when he died, Gavin was heart broken because had his friend just talked to him, he would have known that no one would have cared and that there was nothing to hide.  

Gavin was heart broken.  The song is about communication.  Very poetic.  Letting the cable sleep seems cautionary….letting communication sleep.  The only cables I can connect with communication would be all the cables that we use FOR communication.  

I decided to do this video with a Last Tango in Paris meets Don’t Look Now idea, and the only thought that I put into it was an artistic way to show his message…two strangers in a room and having intimate sex and not speaking to each other.  And then when he runs after her on the street, she signs to him because she doesn’t have the gift of speech…

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