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Winter Music Conference

Dear Readers. It is time for another marathon session of parties, concerts, and DJ sets at Miami’s Winter Music Conference from March 8-13th. The gathering of minds is a solid 25 year establishment for electro-philes. We, at The Standard hotel in Miami are revving up for some pretty amazing nights - here’s the lowdown…

(Remember when you stayed up to see sunrise on your last Miami Winter Music Conference?)

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Get Your Salsa Moves

C’mon. Admit it. You see movies like Dirty Dancing Havana Nights and secretly wish you could bust out those moves on the dancefloor, right? The Standard Miami is here to answer those saucy impulses.

We’ve created a special night dedicated to sashay, salsa, and sangria (yes, sangria). We provide the whole experience with drink and dance. Learn how to master the seductive moves every Thursday at 8pm in the Lido Lounge.

Classes cost $18. Sangria costs $6. 

For more information, go to The Standard Miami Spa, Miami Beach, located at 40 Island Avenue. Phone is 305-704-3945. And RSVP on Facebook!