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MyBlockNYC Launches!

Welcome to the first video mapping website that allows users to share and explore personal video accounts of life in New York City. It’s called and it’s just been unleashed on the internet for 1 day only.

What makes this site interesting is that users can filter the map according to information about both the filmmaker (age, gender, local or tourist) and the video material (time of day, season and topic) and explore the city in dynamic and informative ways. For example, search for “Crime” in the “Winter” at “Night” from the perspective of a “Tourist”. There’s tons of creative ways to search and play through this beast of a site. 

Co-founded by native New Yorker’s Alex Kalman (of Red Bucket Films) and Alex Rickard, MyBlockNYC unleashes the creative potential of New York City residents and visitors as street filmmakers. We’re super proud of the crew who just launched the website and are grateful they took a moment to answer a few questions during the hectic inaugural week in order to break it down for our readers.

Meet MyBlockNYC co-founders Alex Kalman and Alex Rickard…

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Tim Burton Opens at LACMA

(Untitled (Romeo and Juliet) 1981-1984. Image via LACMA)

Just once, for one day, we’d like to peek inside Tim Burton’s brain to determine the source of the kooky yet lovable characters that appear in his films and illustrations. While we’re holding our breath for that to happen, we’ll also be queuing up at LACMA this Sunday to get a peek inside the artist/filmmaker/writer/illustrator’s retrospective that opens this weekend and will remain up through Halloween this year (how appropriate!)

The exhibition, which originated at MOMA in 2009, compiles more than 700 pieces including many little known personal works from Burton’s own archives. 

To see the Tim Burton exhibit, visit the Resnick Pavilion @ LACMA from May 29-Oct 31, 2011. Hours for the opening this Sunday are 11 AM-8 PM.

MoMA goes Old-School with Cey Adams

The MoMA is paying homage to the first generation of artists that started it all in the Hip Hop game. One of the influential Creative Directors of that era is a man named Cey Adams who will be at the gallery May 5th to sign posters along with Riot Girrrl icon, Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill. 

In 1984, Cey, a young artist and graffiti writer at the time, got hired to work at a record label named Def Jam Records. It was a time of paradigm shifts for the baby genre with legends being born every day — Beastie Boys, Biggie Smalls, Run DMC, 3rd Bass, Public Enemy, etc.

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The New York Art Scene in ‘66

(David Hockney in Brian de Palma’s Experimental Short on NY’s Art Scene)

New York. We love it. The art scene is a never ending field of inspiration… yet at the same time, there’s always a few arty farty people with all their intellectual banter. We recently bumped into an intriguing archive of the exact scene in 1966 — just to remind you that the hipster factor hasn’t changed much in 50 years, with its high fashion, booze pouring, graphic looking guests attending a fabulous opening night party.

This particular short film, directed by Scarface’s Brian DePalma, documents the opening night of an OP ART exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1966. It contains many interesting art works, contemporary at the time of filming, and even some quick interviews with some of the artists, such as David Hockney. Other people include William Seitz, Rudolf Arnheim, Irving H. Leopold, David Hockney, Jeffrey Steele, and Mon Levinson.

We think DePalma takes a little innocent jab at the art experts who insist on dissecting the installation. In any case, the footage is endearing, as a testament to the never-ending machine of New Yorker referred to as the ”in-crowd”.

To view the short film (26 minutes running time), go to

Olaf Breuning Signs Boobs on Friday

Olaf Breuning’s art is light-hearted, eclectic, and visually engaging. His installation, "Boobs and Flowers" was an eye-popping exhibit displayed at The Standard Miami this previous Art Basel 2010. The installation was in all its floating glory inside our pool that week. If you missed the Miami Beach viewing, now there is another chance to see it in New York (above all, its another chance to get one of the “uni-boobs” and have Olaf sign it). Now you can approach a world renowned artist with a straight face and ask “Hello, I’m a fan of your work. Can you sign my boob?”.

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Happy Birthday Luis Buñuel

Ever seen the film L’Age d’Or (1930) directed by Luis Buñuel? He was one of the original surrealists along with his buddy Salvador Dalí whom he co-wrote this film. The film was automatically banned in Paris and named “the most repulsive corruption of our age”. If only they could have imagined the Housewives of Beverly Hills coming along 70 years later. The beautiful film surrounds a trippy evening in a bourgeois party. The rest is wildly open to imaginative interpretation. 

Anyway, in 1933, the film was screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. After being held from distribution for 50 years, L’Age d’Or finally got its official US premiere Nov 1979 at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco.

See the complete version here.

We just wanted to shout-out Happy Birthday to Luis Buñuel on his birthday week… a man of true vision and diabolical brilliance. 

source: Jonno

Eva Zeisel’s Bellybutton in our Lobby

(Eva Zeisel is the bees knees)

Anyone who knows anything about industrial design will tell you that Eva Zeisel is pretty much the shiznit.  She’s literally one of the most important modern designers ever.  But don’t let Ms. Zeisel hear you describe her as an industrial designer, she instead prefers the title, “maker of useful things”.  Adorable, we know, but she’s got some serious street cred, too.  In 1946, she was the first woman to ever have a one-person-show at MOMA.  Her design for that show, the Museum line, was the first ever table service created in the US that was entirely white, prior to that fancy tableware was sparkly and gilded and covered in ornate birds and flowers.  Using organically curved plates and dishes Eva Zeisel single-handedly invented a new modern way of being formal.

(This picture makes mid-century modern collectors cream their pants. 
Museum line: Creamer, relish tray, small bowl and spoons by Eva Zeisel.  Photo courtesy of the MOMA)

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Wes Lang Is Staring At Empty Pages

We love art.  We love staring at things.  We love beer.  We love tattoos.  Okay.  We don’t LOVE tattoos.  We have one, but it’s hidden, and you probably will never see it unless you buy me dinner and drinks first.  But regardless, I’m bringing all of these things to your attention because contemporary artist Wes Lang opened his latest exhibition a couple days ago.

This latest showing entitled Staring at Empty Pages is a collection of the artist’s works, found objects and pieces from the artist’s personal collection.  The opening reception is this Friday, November 12th from 6pm - 9pm at Partners & Spade, and next Saturday, November 20th, from 2pm - 4pm at the gallery, Lang will be giving tattoos from a pre-drawn selection of custom flash.

My most favorite part of it all is that Lang’s work is in the permanent collection at MOMA!  A tattoo from a MOMA permanent resident is pretty much a done deal for anyone!  Even Stan.

The exhibit runs from now through December 5th.  
40 Great Jones Street, NYC.  646-861-2827

Another Reason to Visit Queens

On October 30 and 31st, a new kind of art and fashion event was held at MoMA PS1, The Museum of Modern Art’s affiliate in Long Island City, Queens. Yes, you read right, Queens. That means a ton of Manhattanites had a good excuse to cross the bridge. 

For 2 days only, MoMA PS1 merged the worlds of fashion, dance, visual art, performance art, and theatre in order to create a new genre of performance-based installations. The short lived event was organized by Klaus Biesenbach, David Colman, and Cecilia Dean (of V Magazine) and featured 12 collaborations by world renowned artists paired with fashion designers at this famed 125,000 sq. ft exhibition space. Here were all the names involved…

If you missed the festivities, fear not, here are a few videos providing visuals of the day. 

Terence Koh & Italo Zucchelli, Pt 1

Terence Koh & Italo Zuccheli, Pt 2

Terence Koh & Italo Zuccheli, Pt 3

Make sure to check out the Art Book Fair happening this weekend at PS 1 too!

And if you like what you see, stay up to date on more interesting things happening at the MoMA PS1 located at 22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue Long Island City, New York, or visit MOMA PS1 online for monthly schedule of events.

Conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist

Hans Ulrich Obrist is a museum director, curator, writer, cultural instigator and professional conversationalist. He is also releasing the must-have new book entitled Interviews Volume 2.

To celebrate the launch, Artbook, MoMA PS1 and the Institute of the 21st Century will be joining  Klaus Biesenbach, Paul Chan, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Dimitar Sasselov in a conversation. Expect a performance by Marina Abramovic and Terence Koh.

The conversations will take place on Saturday, October 23, 4pm at the MoMA PS1, located at 22-25 Jackson Avenue Long Island City, New York. 

For more information, go to the Institute of the 21st Century blog,  Charta, or Artbook. Supported by The Standard Hotel New York.