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Surface Merchants’ Wynwood Wall

Freedom in Postgraffism from carlos de varona on Vimeo.

The Wynwood Art Walk is the place to be every second Saturday with dozens of the sickest art shows and exhibitions. Check out Ryan McGinness’ Wynwood mural at Art Basel 2010. This next Art Walk promises to be amazing with Freedom in Postgraffism, a 3D 100-foot mural sculpted and designed by three of Miami’s finest: Alex Yanes, Daniel Fila (AKA Krave), and Raymond Adrian (AKA Gems). This video is a little taste-test of the vibe and spirit of these creative spirits…

(Spirit Tsunami, Mixed Media, Large Scale)

If you happen to be visting Miami this week, visit Freedom In Postgraffism, presented by the Surface Merchants Collective, and Michael Margulies Artist Agency. Opening reception Saturday, April 9th at Cafeina at 297 NW 23rd St, Wynwood, Miami from 7:00 -11:00 pm.

Jack Pierson & Elliott Puckette: Collage

Left: Jack Pierson, Untitled, 1998, Right: Elliott Puckette, Untitled, 2011

We have already been on art overload this week, and The Armory Show only started yesterday!  First, we had the NothingEverTouches exhibit at The Standard, New York featuring Olympia Scarry and other amazing female artists.  Also at the hotel, you can visit The Shop and Le Bain to check out Ryan McGinness’ glow-in-the-dark installation entitled “Women: The Blacklight Paintings”.  So amazing.

And it doesn’t stop there, as you probably already guessed.  Last night, three of my good friends came together to bring you a show about one of my most favorite things in the world……COLLAGE!  Yup.  You heard me.  I love collage, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

James Danziger of Danziger Projects has brought together Jack Pierson, famed for his word art, and Elliott Puckette, whose line art has skyrocketed her to art stardom.  Now, these two artists have joined forces to show together, highlighting their work in collage.  Pierson explores the emotional undercurrents of everyday life but cutting up his c-prints and reassembling them in abstract shapes bursting with unexpected color.  Puckette utilized her old paintings, ripping them up and rearranging them to create new deconstructed works.  

With both styles complementing each other in a dynamic showing, this exhibition is definitely not to be missed.

Jack Pierson & Elliot Puckette: Collage will be on view through April 30 at Danziger Projects, 534 West 24th Street, 212-629-6778.

Ryan McGinness New Blacklight Women

Artist Ryan McGinness is back with his second installment of Women: The Blacklight Paintings. The new series follows his success of the premiere of the project during Art Basel this past December, where he took over Miami’s strip club Madonna.

Ryan’s mission is simple: to reinterpret the exquisite female form. To use his own words, his passion is derived from the “desire to embrace and capture the purely aesthetic experience of graceful curves and sensual forms”.

The event-based exhibition this year is taking place inside The Standard, New York concurrent with Armory Week. Expect a transformation of several spaces in The Standard extending into The Shop (exclusive print and posters available there and here) as well as Le Bain (and just like the Miami event, painted dancers will take center stage during a one-night event creating a dynamic interaction between the canvases and their environment).

Just before the visual madness was introduced, Ryan shared some exclusive thoughts with The Standard about his early inspirations that birthed the series…

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Reebok + Ryan McGinness

Behold the SS11 Reebok Affili’Art Collection. Created by artist Ryan McGinness, known for his iconographic styles and densely layered work, in all forms including painting, sculpture, and installation. (In case you missed it, click here to read the interview we did with him over Art Basel). Add another canvas to Ryan’s list —- sneakers. 

The sneaker project was something Ryan considered with focused attention, creating items with a backstory and concept. “I did not want to superficially wrap my artwork around the product” says the soft-spoken graphic dynamo about not doing a generic collaboration… and so began the task of offering each one it’s own narrative. “The shoes had to be an honest extension of who I am”, explains the New Yorker about his thought process creating a sneaker worthy of his own respect. “They had to be shoes I would wear myself.” 

Here’s the 3 models to be released on different dates.

(Shoe 1: The CMYK shoe drops in February 2011)

First, we have the CMYK shoe. If you’ve ever been through a printing process, you’ll know the origin of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). The colors are familiar to Ryan and his printing throughout the years. Created with an extra edge, Ryan added special loopholes on the collar of the shoes to accommodate tucking in 4 KRINK markers (the markers known as the official graffiti-endorsed tools created by KR). Notice the zipper running down the length of the tongue to allow for easy on/off duties. 

(Show 2: The Relax shoe launches April 2011)

The second shoe of the series is simple called, Relax. Modeled after dirt, water, and plants, Ryan constructed this model with the intention of enjoying the outdoors. We especially like the color pops of bright blue. 

(Shoe 3: The V.I.P. shoe drops June 2011)

Finally, Ryan’s 3rd model is the V.I.P. shoe… because well, everyone is a V.I.P., right? The metaphorical red rope is a wink at the exclusivity game and playing it right. The shoe contains metallic silver lining, contrast stitching and the notorious velvet rope embroidered on the heel. The shoe is smooth black leather, and the laces are red.

Available in Men’s sizes, the Reebok Affili’Art Collection with Ryan McGinness hits select retailers starting in February 2011. Get them while they’re hot. 

The Black Hole Series

During Art Basel 2010, we wrote about Ryan McGinness’ inspiration on the black light series. This month, Ryan extends his fascination with neon colors at a special show at the Phillips de Pury in Chelsea, New York City. 

It is a show consisting of 24 wonderfully complex and densely designed classic Ryan images (13 Black Hole paintings, 10 Black Hole editions and 1 edition on paper, complete with bullet holes). Ten of these images have strategically been placed in an area that overlooks the entire Highline in New York’s Meatpacking district. It’s a full install with black lights and wall vinyl. Come see it for a limited time, because when this show is over, they disappear into the black hole forever.

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Art Recreated at The Standard Hotel

(Vanessa Recreates her Portrait in the Standard Miami, Sat, Dec 4, 2010)

In our look back on great events during Art Basel, we thought we’d share a few images from one of our big events that just took place this last Saturday. Playboy and The Standard hotel, along with Stoli Elit and Le Metier de Beaute hosted a night called Nude is Muse.

The evening called for unique presentation by artists Vanessa Beecroft, Ryan McGinness, Richard Phillips, Lola Schnabel, Olympia Scarry, Terence Koh, Sante D’Orazio, Scott Campbell, Xaviera Simmons, and Hank Willis Thomas. Guests were invited to come and spectate the unfolding of new recreations. 

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Ryan McGinness’ New Inspiration

(Ryan McGinness’ Throne)

Ryan McGinness is known for his badass usage of graphics, shapes, and iconography in order to tell a visual narrative of sorts. Ryan constantly steps up his game with every project he births. This Art Basel 2010, Ryan created an incredible series of women that breathe into a perfect ballet of computer figures. We stopped to ask him a few questions about the extravaganza that just took place at Art Basel, an event co-hosted by The Standard Hotel at Club Madonna, a strip joint on the unassuming Washington Drive, just a few blocks away from the gaudy Ocean Drive strip. Ryan prefers to keep it raw and real. What better spot to display a striking visual of fluorescent black light artwork intertwined with some naked honeys?

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