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This Friday. The Throne of The Rapture.


This Friday June 17, Le Bain presents a night with Throne of Blood. The label was created in 2006 by iconic New York band The Rapture and James Friedman. We caught James on his way back from a TOB European Tour. It was time for a chat, while sipping a Bloody Mary.

The Standard: James, it seems nobody really knows how you guys came up with the name. Is it a cinephile reference to the 1957 movie by Kurosawa? Or it was just meant to be scary?

James Friedman: Vito from The Rapture came up with the name. As I understand things, it’s a reference both to the Kurosawa adaptation of Macbeth and a tune by Jamaican dub legend Prince Jammy. As for the scariness thing, I think its something we all find funny that the name sounds so heavy metal. We are among the least scary dudes ever and we release a lot of melodic and deep dance music. There is comedy in the dissonance between who we are and the brand we’ve created.

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