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From the Archives: When The Standard, New York became a Kaleidoscope — see the epic video here. 

From the Archives: When The Standard, New York became a Kaleidoscope — see the epic video here

Marina, My Milanese Friend

Marina, Missoni…must be housecalls in Milan! Stan says ciao to all our friends

New You & I Online Shop Launches

(UN ROYAUME, Glow in the Dark. Limited Edition print by Steven Harrington)

We are big fans of Steven Harrington’s. He’s not only one half of National Forest, the artists behind the mural on The Shop in The Standard, Downtown LA's historic lobby, but a super talented multi-media artist in his own right. His work makes us nostalgic for our favorite children's books and it must strike a chord for others as well, as he's been commissioned to do work for tons of bands, magazines, skate brands and even Target. AND he's exhibited at some of our favorite galleries, shops and spaces around the world. Before we get too gushy, we should get to the point. An email arrived in our inbox this week introducing us to Harrington's new You & I online shop, where one work of art will be up for sale each month, beginning with UN ROYAUME, the glow in the dark limited edition (and signed!) print seen here. At $55, it’s a steal! Check back often to see what print, sculpture or drawing might be up on the block next.

TED Winners Include The Standard

(The Standard New York Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular by LEGS)

We’re thrilled to present the recently announced winner for a new TED initiative called TED: Ads Worth Spreading. The winning video was a viral we released last year documenting the spectacular show using The Standard New York as its canvas. An enormously ambitious project that Target hosted last Summer by turning our hotel building into one giant art installation. You’ll have to see the video to understand what we mean. 

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Our Building As Art

Once in a blue moon, our mind gets blown away. This was one of those nights. Here’s a real time video of the show where Target turned our New York building into one giant light, music, dance and fashion show. We wholeheartedly send a grand applause to Mother Agency, LEGS, and our music composer of the night, Sam Spiegel aka Squeak E. Clean.

Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular from HotelsAB on Vimeo.

Everybody was on a high after the show. The video says the rest.