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Todd James wants to lure you with his candy.

Todd James wants to lure you with his candy.

Julia Chiang’s Opening

Tuesday night was Julia Chiang’s art opening presenting new works entitled Security is Mostly a Superstition. Julia is one of our beloved guest bloggers for the Standard Culture site. The opening, held at the Half Gallery, contained a room size installation of white chains, handcrafted of ceramic links. Julia’s sculpture work traditionally seems a simple item at first, but a pause usually begets more thoughts, delving into deeper themes that tickle the mind. In this case, the chains evoke a spirit “marked by connectivity and confinement”.

(Artist Julia Chiang at her Opening. Photo by Rey Parla)

The opening and dinner were good vibes all around. It was a gathering of downtown creatives including KAWS, Peter Sutherland, Eric Elms, Anna Sheffield, Jose Parla, Bill McMullen, Todd James, and Todd Jordan among others — all of whom gathered to witness and celebrate Julia’s meteoric rise in the art scene.

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