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Drawing Salon with Ryan

As you know, artist Ryan McGinness is in the midst of a whirlwind visit to Los Angeles.  Despite his crazy schedule of gallery openings, parties, meetings, and art installs, he managed to find the time to fit in a little drawing. We’re happy to report that he spent last night sketching models in The Box at The Standard, Hollywood, a practice he plans to continue tonight and tomorrow from 9pm until midnight.   Definitely stop by and watch some of Ryan’s Drawing Sessions.  His creative process is mesmerizing and the ladies aren’t too hard on the eyes either.

(Peeking over Ryan’s shoulders while he draws the ladies in the vitrine)

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Jeremy Kost descends upon Los Angeles

We’ve been crushing on artist, videographer, and fashion darling Jeremy Kost for a while.  Who didn’t love his little behind the scenes vignettes he shot at Fashion Week for New York Magazine?  Sure, we interviewed him for our secret-travel-item section on our Culture Site and he’s co-hosting Susanne Bartsch’s Tuesday party at Le Bain one night a month but we couldn’t let the love stop there.

We’re happy to report that Jeremy will be descending upon our West Coast properties this month with an art installation in The Box at The Standard Hollywood as well as the digital videos on display on The Standard Projection: 24/7. His work will also be featured in our in-room TV channel at bothThe Standard, Hollywood and The Standard, Downtown LA hotels. We’re super excited and we thought what better way to celebrate this marriage made in heaven than a fantastic party?

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Ryan McGinness is lovin’ himself a little LA

Ryan McGinness has been visiting Los Angeles and the palm trees and constant sunshine seem to be suiting him just fine, not that he’s had much time to enjoy them. In the past week and a half he’s had two art openings and set up elaborate installations at both The Standard, Hollywood and The Standard, Downtown LA

Here are some of the photo highlights: 

(Ryan putting the final touches on The Vitrine at The Standard, Hollywood)

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Ryan McGinness’ Nudie Cards

The time has come for Ryan McGinness’ next installment of Women: The Blacklight Series. We covered his previous exhibits within this series at Ryan’s premiere at Miami’s Art Basel last December and at Le Bain at The Standard, New York during Armory Week (missed it? Check out the video from that event).The Standard is proud to present Ryan’s latest installation on the west coast at The Standard, Hollywood and The Standard, Downtown LA with installations, events, live drawings, and exclusive Blacklight Nudie Cards.

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A Couple Rounds with iO Tillett Wright

NYC based photographer iO Tillett Wright is known for her black and white photographs of underground outcasts, creatives, and weirdos.  Those not familiar with her work should definitely check out her blog and website ASAP.  Anyhoo, we’ve been fans for ages and asked if she’d mind trying her hand at The Box at The Standard, Hollywood. The end result is pretty effing awesome, here’s what she had to say about it:

(iO Tillett Wright for The Box at The Standard, Hollywood)

Tells us about your inspiration for your piece in The Vitrine: The installation in the Vitrine is basically my take on what the back room at a seedy, Chinatown boxing match would look like.  I shot at these underground boxing events in New York this past winter, that were totally illegal, and became known as male model boxing because they pitted male models against street fighters and boxers.  We just brought out a new little book of those photos, called ‘KISSER - The Last of The Friday Night Throwdowns’, which you’ll be able to get for free in any room at the Standard for the month my installation is up. The idea is that the model in there is either waiting for her fight or coming from her fight, and this is her time alone. She’s going to photograph herself all month long, and tape it up on the glass, gradually obscuring herself, with images of herself, as models can tend to do.

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Shadowscene on the Scene

Shadowscene's Ellei Johndro is a busy girl.  She's one of LA's best nightlife photographers, she's runs a great blog, she’s got Facebook & Twitter down to an art, she has her own online shop, her youtube page is stocked with fun fresh content, and she’s recently released a 5 song EP (on Sonata Cantata) by her new band, “Biker Daughter”.   Whew, right?

Ellei is also a big friend of The Standard.  She’s held art exhibits at The Standard, Downtown LA and has just completed her second run as The Box artist at The Standard, Hollywood. We pinned her down for a few moment and quizzed her about her art and adventures:

(Man Made by Ellei Johndro - Photo: Melissa Manning of The Look Partnership)

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The Box at The Standard Hollywood

Throughout the years, The Box at The Standard, Hollywood has been tackled by some of the coolest contemporary artists around. Our Box, aka “The Vitrine”, is a constantly changing art installation in the lobby at The Standard Hollywood located behind the front desk. 

Here’s a video of artist and very witty twitterer (is that a word?), Tim Biskup, guiding us through the artistic process and inspiration for The Box while philosophizing on art, sex, and uncomfortable morals.

Along with Mr. Biskup, In the past year we were fortunate enough to work with greats such as Charles MunkaPhil LumbangBill McMullenGreg Siff, and Anthony Lister.   Check out the newly added Box gallery for a trip down memory lane. 

Eva Zeisel’s Bellybutton in our Lobby

(Eva Zeisel is the bees knees)

Anyone who knows anything about industrial design will tell you that Eva Zeisel is pretty much the shiznit.  She’s literally one of the most important modern designers ever.  But don’t let Ms. Zeisel hear you describe her as an industrial designer, she instead prefers the title, “maker of useful things”.  Adorable, we know, but she’s got some serious street cred, too.  In 1946, she was the first woman to ever have a one-person-show at MOMA.  Her design for that show, the Museum line, was the first ever table service created in the US that was entirely white, prior to that fancy tableware was sparkly and gilded and covered in ornate birds and flowers.  Using organically curved plates and dishes Eva Zeisel single-handedly invented a new modern way of being formal.

(This picture makes mid-century modern collectors cream their pants. 
Museum line: Creamer, relish tray, small bowl and spoons by Eva Zeisel.  Photo courtesy of the MOMA)

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