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Meet DJ Aaron Castle

Meet Aaron Castle. He’s been DJ’ing 4 years and is the Founder of A Club Called Rhonda, one of the biggest disco parties in LA. His vibe is funk, soul, disco, soul, house, hip hop, electro, new wave and… shall we go on? He packs alot in his case.

Aaron has since moved on to being a full time DJ and can be found playing all around town. You can check him out at The Standard Hollywood lobby mostly on Mondays or Tuesdays. Here’s the lodown on Mr. Castle.

Full Name

Aaron Castle

What is your DJ name? Why?

Aaron Castle. Ask my parents.

What genre’s of music do you spin?

House, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop & New Wave, etc.

Tell me the top 5 jams right now on the dancefloor?

Woa, Tough one. Could never actually answer this question, but here’s the first that come to mind Daft Punk “Face to Face”, Bizarre Inc “I’m Gonna Get You”, Patrick Cowley “Get a Little Loose”, Joints “Tell You”, New Order “Bizarre Love Triangle” (Shep Pettibone Mix)

What is the stupidest request you have been asked?

I kinda feel like taking an issue with bad requests. When you are Djing, it’s like being a surgeon and not wanting to see any blood. It’s part of the job. I try not to be a snob. That said, you’d be surprised how often people come up and request an artist while you are currently playing that song. “Do you have any Michael Jackson?”…”This is actually Michael Jackson right now”. At that point all you can really do is smile

What year did you start DJ’ing?

Lets see…2005?

Laptop? CD? iPod? Vinyl?

Do people really DJ with Ipods? I usually go with laptop or CD’s

What are you feelings about drinking and working?

Arent DJs all just closeted alcoholics?

What is the 1 old-school classic you still bust out every time?

This is a weird question for me because I mostly play older songs. Can’t go wrong with anything Prince.

Do you have a special closing song of the night?

My personal favorite closer is Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes “You Cant Go”


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