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A Beeautiful Evening!

Last night’s Spelling Bee at The Standard, Hollywood was a smashing success! The theme was film and the audience was enthralled as some of LA’s best and brightest answered film trivia and then tried to spell it. Writer, Caroline Ryder was the overall winner impressing the fashionable crowd with 8 correctly spelled words.  The Comedy Store’s Alf Lamont was a close second with 5 ½ words spelled correctly.  The ½ point was awarded for style, Alf incorrectly guessed that Fellini’s fourth Oscar was awarded for his film  La Dolce Vita (it was actually Amarcord) but was assessed the ½ point for answering completely in perfect Italian. 

Radical Media’s Michael Dimitri, Artist/Director Britt Browne, Photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis, and artist/set-designer Alice Lodge were the Bee’s other contestants.   Los Angeles Times Book Critic David Ulin played the charming and sympathetic host. 

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