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Song of the Week - Dinah Washington

This “Song of the Week” is in honor of the late Amy Winehouse. Having had the honor to know her, the Starman (our weekly curator of songs) is mourning by listening to one of Amy’s main inspirations — Dinah Washington.

If you listen carefully you can hear the resemblance. RIP.

Vigil at the Winehouse Home

(Front Yard at Amy Winehouse’s Home)

It seems the lovely Miss Amy Winehouse has chosen to join the 27 club with Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix. Her loss is tragic, but her legacy will remain forever. She was found in her Camden home not breathing last Saturday. Vice Magazine took a ride to her home to “gauge the mood” as they described it. At the home, they bumped into some young folks who were hanging around the front yard, playing her music, lighting candles, or just saying a prayer. Here’s what they saw. RIP Amy!