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SPiN STANDARD LA is now open!  Check out the grand opening pics here.  

SPiN STANDARD LA is now open!  Check out the grand opening pics here.  

subMercer is Now a Label

It’s finally happened. We’re proud to announce the debut of a new music label for the subMercer, the nightclub within one of our sister hotels, The Mercer. The label launched with a single from subMercer DJ’s, Marcos Cabral/Eli Escobar with a “It’s On You” / “Lonely Fee” (plus remixes). This makes it the first time a hotel puts out 12” record with original, non mainstream productions.

With its musical virtuosity from the established residencies of New York’s top DJs and producers, subMercer - a creative party lab, if you will - has emerged as one of NYC’s foremost, undiluted club music venues. This is largely thanks to the creative advocacy of its owner, André Balazs, and the fastidious bookings and uncompromising vision of its director, Gabby Mejia.

(The Mercer, The Famous Lobby in NYC. The Rest of the Action Happens Downstairs)

Gabby has been a consummate hostess and nurturer of the bar with its unique “family feel” for music-philes and industry types alike. We got a hold of Gabby on the last party night of this season at subMercer (the bar shuts down for a period in the summer with a reopening around Fashion Week).

Gabby shared a few things about work, the extended AB family, and the new label…

(Self-Portrait of Gabby Mejia)

The Standard: Tell is a little bit about yourself and your role at one of our sister hotel, The Mercer, as well as your role in Miami?

Gabriel Mejia: Hi. I’ve been with Hotels AB on and off since 2004, when I first moved to Miami to work at The Raleigh. Currently, I’m the Director of subMercer and I do all of the bookings there. I’ve got about a decade of restaurant and nightlife history now in several cities — as Restaurant Manager, F&B Director, promoter, DJ, Nightclub Manager, booker — but I’ve also worked in music video production. Prior to moving back to NYC in 2009 (I’ve been back & forth since 2004 and consider both cities home), I was an F&B Manager at The Standard Spa, Miami, then moved on to events. I used to DJ there, too. Music always tends to incorporate itself into everything I do somehow. I simply can’t live without it.

Sunday was closing night for subMercer for the season. Tell me how the party went down. Any special moments?

We kicked it off with a private thank-you dinner party for all of our resident DJs, then we shut off the lights, opened the doors, turned up the volume, and gave 25 of NYC’s top underground DJ’s 15 minutes to perform…each on the decks. At its apex, we set off a special interactive light show that amped the energy big time. The highlight was when we debuted the tracks from our forthcoming 12” for our new music label, ((M)).

How was it seeing most of the family of DJ’s in the room all playing in 1 night?

It’s becoming a tradition now, since we closed last summer the same way. Last year, when I emailed the DJ’s the lineup schedule with all of them on for fifteen minutes, we joked that this was an experiment that would either go horribly wrong or be the BOMB. It was epic, and in its second incarnation, it’s proven to be a most beautiful experiment. The DJ’s all love doing this; they get high off hearing each other’s records. When you’ve only got fifteen minutes and playing in front of other top DJ’s, you bring your best records and try to “one up” each other in a mutual-admiration kind of way.

Congratulations on the launch of the subMercer label with your first release Marcos Cabral / Eli Escobar – It’s On You / Lovely Feeling. How did this one come together, and why did you choose these artists?

Well, our resident DJ’s are purist for the most part — only working with vinyl or CDs because digital just doesn’t cut it. We also only do underground music at subMercer because we think it’s important to cultivate, support, and promote that subculture. New York has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge, influential music. It’s a small, but very tight and dedicated community, and we felt it deserved recognition. We didn’t want to do the usual boutique hotel CD of mainstream songs thrown together as compilations, and this is a departure from that. We wanted something original and of the highest acoustic quality. You just can’t replicate the warmth and integrity of vinyl.

Curating this project was so enjoyable because all of the submissions were so good; but that’s also precisely what made the selection process so difficult…having to pare down the list to just two songs. It’s kind of like booking nights — the difficulty isn’t a shortage of good quality music but arranging them in a way that’s cohesive yet diverse enough, so that the programming doesn’t get stale. Marcos’s and Eli’s songs just fit together like gloves, yet one was still a left and the other a right, and together they had a good, hearty clap.

Where can someone find this vinyl for purchase?

Above Board Distribution in the UK prints and distributes it. You can get it at Juno (online) and all of the best specialty record shops worldwide.

What other projects are you working on right now?

Something incredibly exciting — it’s culture & lifestyle driven with a strong musical aspect to it, too. Luckily, you’re already in on it because, otherwise, if I told you, I’d have to kill you. ;)



A1 Marcos Cabral “It’s On You” feat. Lindsay Mound; mixed by John Selway

A2 Marcos Cabral “It’s On You” (Instrumental)

B1 Eli Escobar “Lovely Feelin” feat. Lindsey Caldwell

B2 Eli Escobar “Lovely Feelin” Part II (Beats)

Delve into the Playboy Archives

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When I used to sneak into my father’s room to go through his stash of Playboy Magazines, it was strictly to read the fascinating articles laid out chicly between the covers of the glossy mag.  Pages upon pages of information relating to art, music, entertainment, industry and design kept me busy for hours…until Mama D’arde caught me and sent back to my villa to “think about my actions”.  She just didn’t understand.

Now, in a stroke of genius born from the mind of Playboy’s Chief Content Officer, Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy has made every single issue of the magazine ever published available on iPlayboy.  That’s over 160,000 pages of academia and erotica on the web and optimized for use on your iPad.  (If you don’t have an iPad, you can still browse the photos only but not the articles.)

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André Balazs Rosé: MAGNUM

It’s a given that whenever the sun shines and the temperature hits a warm 72 degrees, I’m sitting outside at one of The Standards sipping on my André Balazs Rosé.  Made for us by Wolffer Estate out on Long Island, this merlot varietal is the perfect compliment to your weekend debauchery.

Being that last summer, the winery’s production could hardly keep up with my consumption, this summer, they played smart and are offering the wine in Magnum size.  That’s 2.5 bottles in one, and it is eco-friendly because it saves glass, cork and paper!  I think I’m just trying to justify the copious amounts of my intake, but yet again, I digress…

Book a seat on StndAIR, meet me out at Sunset Beach and let’s discuss the benefit over a glass…


Jim at the Chateau

(Jim Morrison chilling at the Chateau Marmont)

We found this photo floating on Tumblr and thought we’d share it with our readers since it’s first off, one of the most legendary rockstars known to man, and secondly the snapshot was taken inside one of our sister hotels, The Chateau Marmont, owned by Andre Balazs. Here is Jim Morrison at Chateau Marmont by Art Kane (American, 1925–1995).

Bruce Weber’s Marching Band

(Backyard at The Standard Miami for Bruce Weber Event)

Last night, Bruce Weber held an after party at The Standards Lido Lounge. The party was for the All American Book Series’ 10 year Anniversary.

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Our Cool Coasters

How sweet are these pieces? The series of coasters, inspired by hand made designs of 1950’s hotel coasters, include 4 pieces of art representing each of our buildings. The coasters are such hi-art that we have a framed series hanging in our Manhattan office. Designed by Andrew Holder.

Our grandparents made good things.

The coasters were part of  Arkitip's limited edition issue dedicated to hotels. Check out Cheryl Dunn’s Video interview with Andre Balazs.