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Sir Marco vs Lady Gaga

We’ve been watching Lady Gaga’s Born This Way a lot since it came out earlier this week, and every single time we see it, we can’t but help notice the incredible similarity between the birth of her underworld and Marco Brambilla’s Civilization video (which is featured in the elevators at The Standard, New York).  See for yourself.  Watch Brambilla’s video and then watch Gaga’s starting at the 1:20 mark.  Email me and let me know what you think.

Born This Way

Sort of reminds me of my own birth.  Ladies & Gentlemen.  Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” as envisaged by Nick Knight.

Lady Gaga’s Zombie Boy

In the latest of Lady Gaga visual spectacles, here’s the latest video premiered on and The song (not yet released) has a special story to it. Nicola Formichetti, Gaga’s confidante and stylist, is now Directing the House of Mugler. Lady Gaga remixed this song herself for Formichetti’s first menswear show in Paris yesterday. This short film/video intersperses images of that show, and is directed by Mariano Vivanco.

Oh, yes, that’s not make-up on the skull-faced model either, that’s real tattoo work. His name is Rick Genest and his Facebook calls him “Zombie Boy”. Add him to the freak show festivities that only Gaga can usher in. The track is from her new album, Born This Way, to be released in May 2011.