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More with Less - Summer Rates Starting at $285

More with Less - Summer Rates Starting at $285

From the Archives: Stan D’Ardes’ Chanel Lunch

From the Archives: Stan D’Ardes’ Chanel Lunch



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The New Chanel Campaign

We recently got tipped off by Ford Models about the latest Chanel Fall campaign which we’re over the moon about. It’s the new image with model Freja Beha Erichsen and styled by Carine Roitfeld. It’s very Michelle Pfeiffer Batman. Obsessed. 

Northern Women in Chanel

This week, Vogue tips us off to a new book to be released this July 1, 2011. It’s called Northern Women in Chanel released by Farago Publishing. Here’s a few images of the Chanel ladies…

Stan D’aily Distraction: My Chanel Lunch

Just a little reminder from Stan via Karl Lagerfeld.  I’ll take the Le Burger No. 5.  And I’ll also take some fries with that shake.

Who is Elsa Schiaparelli?

We congratulate all our New York friends for surviving Fashion Week last week. After discovering tons of new designers, we thought we’d go reverse in time to introduce you to a fine lady you may never heard of.

(Elsa studies charts of her new collection, circa 1938.)

It is noted that when Coco Chanel was in the realm of “B-List” (and still coming up the pipe), there was another designer who was the belle of the ball in the 1930’s — Elsa Schiaparelli. She was most popular and busy in the period between the World Wars.

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We Love a Good Designer Ball

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