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NYC on Andrew Kuo

I’m Your Fan from Mariko & Rachel on Vimeo.

Andrew Kuo is one of our favorite people. Last December, we wrote about the launch of his first book at Art Basel entitled What Me Worry, released by Standard Press (the book was also our first on our imprint label). That means somehow, both Andrew and The Standard devirginized eachother. 

The following video is a just a casual fun spattering of local New York creatives adoring Andrew — including Leo Fitzpatrick, Opening Ceremony’s Carol Lim, Standard’s Claire Darrow, Sally Penn, and Spencer Sweeney among others. It’s an inside goofy ride into the world of Andrew. 

Costa Rica Journal

Renaissance woman Cheryl Dunn is a photographer, filmmaker, documentarian and all around mentor to todays young pioneering artists. Watch Beautiful Losers to see for yourself the creative world she inhabits and nurtures. This particular project was conceived with a deep love for ocean culture by Cheryl and friend Claire Darrow.

Together the women packed their bags, consolidated their closest friends, and flew themselves to Costa Rica along with The Standard's new collection of swimwear by Quiksilver. The goal was to breathe life into this collaboration of clothes while savoring the sun and salt on a distant island. The result is an intimate surfing journey with friends and family entitled Privado (spanish for Private). We asked Cheryl a few questions on the project, her inspiration, and her views on DIY film culture. 

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