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CMJ Showcase at The Standard

Zowie Hits CMJ

The name Zowie grabbed our attention recently. Partly because it feels like a subconscious nod to the name Bowie but from a Generation Y viewpoint. Zowie, too, has incredible outer space outfits but her futuristic vibe is her own. The teaser video (below) is amped with words like “it’s time to crush we love the rush”.  The 22 year New Zealand native is now attacking the United States with upcoming shows at New York’s CMJ Music Festival next week. Her single called "Broken Machine" is catchy as hell, and debuted in the top 5 in both Australia and New Zealand.

Zowie knows what she wants. She ain’t frontin’ when she screams “I want to destroy you with sounnndddd”…

What is the sound exactly? A bit of synth pop, electro, and rock… except Zowie is not a byproduct of some corporate creation. The chick genuinly makes all her own beats for several years which means this budding artist might be around for a very long time. Within her first year, she’s already performed opening sets at monster festivals for The Kills and Peaches. We wanted to introduce you to the lady herself so you can get a feeling for her awesomely original spirit with a strong penchant for karate kicks and hello kitty.

We stopped to ask Zowie a few questions before her debut in New York next week

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