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Meet Jose Parla

Jose Parla is our homeboy. He is also a world renowned artist with exhibitions that have taken him to London, Paris, and Tokyo. His work is unorthodox and distinct — a sampling of calligraphy, graffiti, and personal inspirations hinting the soul of a city. The psycho geographical work is something Jose describes as “segmented realities” or “memory documents”… constructing layer upon layer upon layer culminating into a visual narrative.

We’re just happy he takes the time to make cool products for The Standard shop. His items are limited edition works of art so we suggest you snatch a scarf or T-shirt before they vanish. We caught up with the Cuban-American artist based in New York to ask a few questions about what sets off his creative mind.

The Standard: What would you say are the 5 main ingredients that inform your work? Inspirations? Materials? Concepts? Whatever?

The five main ingredients that inform my work are: Life in the city, knowledge and amnesia, travel, primitivism and modernity, ritual and engineering, angst and spectacle, culture and critique.

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Marco Brambilla’s Vision

Director Marco Brambilla is a force of nature and a prized member of The Standard family. André Balazs asked Brambilla to create and develop an otherworldly art installation, Civilization, inside the elevators of The Standard, New YorkKanye West was so inspired by the installation that he commissioned Marco to create a video for his new song, “Power”. Here is the Directors Cut, Uncensored.

Kanye West POWER by Marco Brambilla (Director’s Cut) from ARTJAIL on Vimeo.

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Swim Week: Nycked

Jules is a multi-tasking New Yorker. Aside from being all around cool chick, Jules makes jewelry and now bathing suits. “Let me just tell you one thing, I am so stoked that this is my life” laughs Jules perched on a happy sunny green lawn at The Standard, Miami during Swim Week.

Today she is off… resting from her hectic week. It’s the first time her and business partner Lorenzo Martone introduce their new swimwear collection, Nycked to the vast industry of swimwear press and buyers. Jules Kim has been traveling for the last 3 and a half weeks, in different cities across the world. We caught her on her final glorious day in Miami before returning to New York, or as she describes, “right before the grind”.

(Swimwear Designer Jules Kim Chilling at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach)

The Standard: Tell me about the specific pieces for Nycked and the inspiration behind it.

Nycked is a story on making the New York lifestyle aspirational. The belief that every person in the universe at some point asks the question — “what you want do with your life?”. Think can you do the big city or not? I remember being a child and knowing I was destined to not be in this small town and do small things. I’m looking at a bigger picture here. Here we are, New Yorkers traveling the world, and talking about what we do… AND DOING IT. So Nycked is also a play on the word naked and how the closest we can get to being naked in public is in swimwear. So we are attacking that side of it too. We are also addicted to life… like I’m sitting here addicted to this, to traveling and placing myself at The Standard, Miami, and placing myself wherever in the world. Last week I was in Paris. juxtaposing everything I do and making it part of my life is what our swimwear line will reflect.


What was the response to the collection here in Miami?

The reaction to Nycked swimwear in Miami was really positive. We launched with WWD a few weeks ago and the response was instant. I think when people do new things, others are really curious to see how it’s going to manifest and how long it will last. Lorenzo and I are really passionate about what we are doing here. We are not just here to be a flash in the pan, and be swept away into the memories of swimwear. We are here to stir the pot up and make some noise and keep it going. What is really interesting is that we have been doing press after press interview. People were asking us stuff and we started to say Nycked was the anti-thesis of Victoria Secret. Now we have an appointment with Victoria Secret. That is exactly what we set out to do. In other words, if we say this doesn’t go, then lets change it. Let’s collectively change it. Let’s change it peeps because we said that means there is a problem with what’s going on. So when that happened, we thought, I guess they are listening now.

It’s like contributing to rewriting the bigger script?

Exactly! That’s what I do with Bijules… redefine the jewelry standard, such as the ring. People think, “it sits on one finger no”? Hell no, it does not.

 So there is an overarching philosophy within all of your brands?

In general all my brands read the same script. We are responsible for redefining culture today — me as a designer and artist, that is what I was put on this earth to do. I’m proud of it. I know what comes out of my brain is totally valid, and I’m not the only person that thinks this way. So if I produce a product, then a person can purchase the tangible product and still follow that script, being, “I really want a piece of jewelry that is really unique and different, or I really want to express myself on the beach not in a mass produced H&M top”. Watch me say H&M and now they are going call me.

Illuminate the relationship between you and Lorenzo Martone as a Creative Partner and how he came into the picture?

Lorenzo is an amazing, beautiful, humble individual. He was searching a while for an art director, someone who could realize his dreams and mount the ideas and themes in his mind and create something that gelled. He heard of my lingerie collection, a four piece capsule collection of lingerie. I totally implemented jewelry throughout the pieces. It had high waist panties with gold suspenders, a bra with a gold chain instead of underwires… tiny little twists on how people perceive lingerie. He saw that and really wanted to talk to me about a project. So I made a choice to go to this complete strangers crib, and he gave me this packet. I saw the potential and I was stoked because I saw exactly what I wanted to do. Just listening to his story, there were things I loved, and things I wanted to change. We work really well together because we are so passionate and busy people. We are multi-branded individuals. He is a great person to work with and friend. Totally happened so organically, really cool.

Where do you see the company 5 years from now?

We started in the swimwear industry because there is such neglect for fashion forward speaking products in swimwear. So we want to stay here in the swim industry. So we know we have to pay dues and really be out there. So what we envision in five years is creating a product that has a story behind it… a little tweak, a little wink. For the Fall/Winter 2011 collection, there are four pairs of shoes coming out via the brand Nycked. So it’s also the shoes that are going be sold parallel with the swimwear line. Women can buy the shoes and the swimwear, and she can travel and live a life and look fly all the time. In five years, our product base will expand and will include things that tell a special story.


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Tori Praver, 2011 Collection

Tori Praver is the real deal. Surf chick raised in Maui, Hawaii. This year she visits Miami Swim week with her 2011 Cruise Collection in hand, inspired by Nirvana… not the full Seattle type, but more like a Balinese Zen type of Nirvana, sprinkled in with a little bit of 90s grungy florals. We took a moment to speak to Tori about her new collection, her inspirations, and what she really wants to do in the next 5 minutes. 

(Model Wearing Tori Praver’s 2011 Collection)

The Standard: Why did you choose to be a designer and why bathing suits of all things?

I grew up in Hawaii. I’m from the beach culture, so the ocean is my life and my passion. It’s second nature to me. My passion for swimwear came natural to me as a kid. I had drawers full of bikinis. It was always something I wanted to do, and kind of became real when I started doing Sports Illustrated. The editor inspired me and encouraged me to get it started, and my first collection was 3 yers ago. The first year, it was actually featured in Sport Illustrated! That was a really nice push for the start of things.

Can you tell us about the patterns, color palette, and materials you’ve chosen for this collection?

For this collection I added a bunch of new prints, like the batik print which I was inspired by my travels to Bali. I do this in a few different color ways. I have a few different prints, but generally, most of my suits are ocean inspired. I have sea greens and sand colors. I carried over a lot of my signature ruching, which makes the suit fit very well. I introduced hardware into this collection like gold zippers and different clasps and thing like tha

There is also the mint batik with black. Then there is probably one of my most popular prints, the floral print. The Betty bando which I think is one of the most biggest trends this season with the 50’s pin up inspired high waist bottoms and bando tops. Floral is just really nice because it kind of goes with any different color you can mix and matc

All my suits are sold separately. So you can put solid colors with the prints. This allows you to be creative and put together your own suit.

Where do u see the line 5 yrs from now?

I hope to keep growing with it. My ultimate goal is to collaborate with the Surf Rider Foundation. I want to design a suit specifically for them where all the proceeds goes to their charity that supports clean waters. I’m in the process of finding a sustainable fabric and eco friendly swimwear fabric that works well in the ocean. It’s been hard, but that’s my goal. Hopefully that will happen soon.

What’s next?

As soon as I get a free second I’m going to try and get in the ocean. I’ve been here all week and haven’t had a second to myself to go swimming and feel the Atlantic ocean in Miami so thats my ultimate goal.

(Swimwear Designer Tori Praver in one of her own Designs)

Gareth Pugh’s New Collection

We’re really into Lookbooks when they go “next level”. Here is a fresh video made for Showstudio that features the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection of designer Gareth Pugh. Imagine a Tamara de Lampika painting thrust into a dark future with movement and sound… a goth 1920’s art deco vision.

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Another Reason to See This Movie

Yet another fine feather in our cinematic cap — we’re speaking of awesome movie shout-outs. If you notice when visiting the website for Get Him to the Greek, The Standard, Downtown LA building gets much love. Whatever you do, just don’t miss this film. It’s laugh-out-loud.

See the full trailer on Get Him to the Greek Official Site

We Love a Good Designer Ball

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Team Standard for Tied Together


(The Standard Hotel, NYC, Running Team for Nike’s Tied Together Race)

Once in a while, The Standard hotel rallies their troops for some good causes. In this case, it was running a race for Nike’s Tied Together initiative to raise awareness for Aids in Africa (definitely take a sec to check out the trailer here and the recap video here). It was a 5 day race spanning 5 cities in the world — New York, London, Milan, Berlin, and Paris — all leading up to World Cup.

Tied Together - The Standard from Tied Together on Vimeo.

It was an epic journey in response to a health crisis. Staffer Laura Nolte comments on the day Team Standard ran. Another team that ran was Standard collaborators & guest bloggers Saturdays Surf Shop. 

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