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Meet Daniel Riordan Wood of StndAIR

Full Name: Daniel Riordan Wood

Exact Title: Air Concierge for StndAIR

Sun Sign: Virgo

First off, tell us a bit about your background, and what you do at The Standard?

Outside of StndAIR I’m a writer and actor, creating and performing work for theaters in downtown NYC. At The Standard I’m a red plane’s mother ☺

What’s your favorite secret spot in NYC?

Valentino Park in Red Hook. Best view of the Statue of Liberty in Brooklyn, idyllic fishing, ACTUAL quiet, and the authentic aroma of key lime pie.

iPhone or Blackberry? What APP do you use the most?

I have both! For personal use, though, nothing beats iPhone - Open Table for last minute dinner reservations and the Shakespeare App for instant wit.

What’s one of your most memorable moments in the building?

From the 18th floor I saw a 40 gallon plastic bag from Home Depot waft magically by the window. It was like that sequel to American Beauty where they tried desperately to up the ante.

I spend most of my time thinking about ____________?


What was the last song you downloaded?

"Sun is on My Side" by Gogol Bordello.

What is your favorite movie based in a hotel?

Can I say The Shining? Eek.

How has 2011 treated you so far?

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.

When you finally break free from work, what is the next awesome place you plan to vacation to?

Costa Rica. There’s a hotel in the jungle made from the renovated fuselage of an abandoned 747.