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Another Great Company from ICFF

Congrats to the ICFF for an incredible few days showcasing the best of furniture design. Just to cap off the week’s events, here’s an introduction to another cool company called Graypants. Here’s a video intro…

Graypants is led by Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker, who Christine Gachot (our VP of Design Development for Andre Balazs Properties) met about 2 years ago when all they had was a simple prototype of a cardboard light fixture. Last weekend she ran into them at ICFF, this time carrying a bevy of fixtures, including variations on the prototype she first saw. If you enjoyed the video above, check out their other one "What is Graypants"?

Their work utilizes recycled and found materials, notably corrugated cardboard and plywood, to an unusually soft and energetic effect. On top of that they are some fun individuals. Joining Dirk Wynants from Extremis, Shawn Hausman and several other friends and family, Mr. Grizzle and Mr. Junker wrapped up ICFF with The Standard design team in our Beirgarten for some pretzels and beer.

Cheers to a fun week!

International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Flexible Love Collection

For the most part, nothing really happens by accident.  There’s a thought process behind whatever it is we surround ourselves with.  Within that thought process comes a moment of realization which must give birth to execution.  That moment, or series of, is called design.  Is that actually true or did I just make all that up?  It doesn’t matter.  The point is that it’s that time when the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is upon us, and we’re beyond exuberant!

Beginning tomorrow, the ICFF comes to New York City, and with it brings designers, retailers, artists and design enthusiasts from all over the world sharing their innovation and love of design.  This years roster of exhibitors is stellar, and the special features offered by the fair is one that any designer would envy.

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Meet Dirk of Extremis

Dirk Wynants was a kid who decided that when he grew up,  we would never become predictable or boring. One day, he started a company in Belgium called Extremis which he describes as “much more than just a line in furniture – it’s a way of life”. Their website shows their design conscious furniture that’s “aimed at bringing people together to enjoy life to the full”. But don’t call it furniture!

We loved Dirk’s vibe so much that The Standard, New York purchased their classic yellow picnic tables parked outside of our New York building. It wasn’t until recently that we actually met the owner of this company. He’s warm, fun, and looks like some rockstar from a 70’s rock band. Did we mention he makes his own beer?

Dirk was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions about his “out of box” business model, his music tastes, and why he’s really in New York this week.

(Dirk Wyant Makes Pretty Things To Sit on and Socialize Over)

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