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This Sunday, We Are the Robots.

This Sunday August 14, Le Bain goes R2-D2 with our favorite droid: Shit Robot, aka Marcus Lambkin. The Irish-born DFA artist has been touring the USA for the last few weeks and he is back this Sunday in the city he loves. Do Robots really chat? We catched our ShitBot’ between two planes for a Standard Q&A.

(Photo: Sean Dack)

The Standard: Hi Marcus, we are super excited to have you at Le Bain. We are big fans of yours. Your music sounds like rave music made for the clubs. A perfect balance between the pure energy of early Techno with a disco sensibility. What is the perfect party set-up for Shit Robot?

Shit Robot: I like a small dark room, low ceilings. Not too much in the way of lights, but always a mirror ball. A DJ booth is also important I think, they are so rare these days. It’s just not the same playing on a table in the middle of a stage. That’s not what it’s about for me, it’s not a rock show, I hate it when people come to look at the DJ, you’re supposed to be dancing.

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This Week-End, They Run New York!

Le Bain keeps New York busy in August with a bunch of unbeatable Party Rockers. This Friday, Roxy Cottontail is hosting the Night People party with Blu Jemz, Lloydski and a special guest from Sydney: Plastic Plates.

(Roxy Cottontail)

Saturday afternoon, Los Angeles hits back with Swimming With Sharks. Special guests are Cosmo Baker, Prince Language, Beg To Differ and many more… Come swim with sharks and survive…

(Cosmo Baker)

Saturday night, Let’s Play House takes control for their Love Boat After Party. Jacques Renault is on board, with our own Neil Aline, plus a special guest to be announced the day of. Stay tuned!

(Jacques Renault)

And Sunday, hum, ETE D’AMOUR and Meanred present Friendly Fires for a DJ set, right after their live show at Summerstage.

(Friendly Fires)

Friendly Fires will be joined by one of France’s foremost electronic musician: Joakim - and his brother Mattias from the Tigersushi Bass System! Warm up by Dan Wender. Doors open 4pm.

See you at Le Bain!


Three Stars for the Week-End

Here come another three nights of avant-garde dance music at Le Bain. This Friday, Meanred presents Jacques Greene, the 20-year-old rising producer from Montreal with Falty DL and Dan Wender…

(Jacques Greene)

This Saturday, Night People welcomes Parisian Superstar DJ Mehdi from Ed Banger records. Mehdi and resident DJ’s Jemz and Lloyd are transatlantic best friends, which should bring the Saturday Fun to a new frontier. The party is hosted by Married to the Mob.

(DJ Mehdi)

And Sunday, ETE D’AMOUR presents Brodinski, one of Tiga’s protégé on his label Turbo and the freshest DJ to explode into the scene these recent years. Brod will play besides Doug Lee from The Stallions and TBD and we also have a big surprise… Shh!


Ready for Le Week-End?

We can’t get enough of the Le Bain bashes. Every weekend, our line-ups present new and improved mayhem, as you can see from these photos below shot at our Le Bain X Mad Decent party by photographer Keetja Allard (on Friday July 8, 2011).

Convinced yet? This weekend, we have a big summer Week-End lined up at Le Bain with JDH & Dave P from “‘Fixed” (Friday), Blu Jemz, Eli Escobar and Lloydski of Night People (Saturday), Darshan Jesrani of Metro Area and Alex from Tokyo (Sunday). 

We’ll see you on the 18th floor!

This Sunday, Dimitri’s Summer Treat.

This Sunday, Dimitri from Paris is back at Le Bain in Balearic mode for ETE D’AMOUR. Come early, Dim’ will play for the Sunset, from 8pm to 11pm, on the 18th floor - a perfect set up for slow dancing and big love. After 11pm, it’s time for a Berlin X New York X Detroit sound-clash with the Dirt Crew and Todd Sines

(Dimitri from Paris. Photo courtesy of a fan)

Doors open 4pm. Come early, bring your bikini. But before you pack your swimsuit, take a little walk into Dimitri’s mind via a little Q&A with the man himself….

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This Sunday. The ETE D’AMOUR party team.

This Sunday July 3rd, ETE D’AMOUR goes late with a dream team of DJ’s. Remember Thugfucker? Those two guys dressed as Tennis players rocking the last Nouveau York x Halloween party? They are back and will take care of the late night. They brought with them the up-and-coming PillowTalk from San Francisco. Right after sunset, another of our NY favorites, Mr Justin Strauss will take control for a 3 hour mix. Justin has been a Sunday regular and it was time for a full interview. Do not miss the track by track personal anecdotes. The remixes are amazing, so are the stories behind.

The Standard: Justin, you have been through three decades of New York nightlife history and have been staying very consistent. You still produce, remix, dj around town, as you have been doing since the early 80’s. What is your secret to stay on top?  

Justin Strauss: No secret really. I just love what I do and feel lucky enough to still be doing it. Honestly, I just love DJ’ng and I am still as excited every time I step into a DJ booth. You never know what’s going to happen, where the night will take you. I never have “practiced” DJ’ng, so it’s always exciting to find new records to mix together, play new tunes that you love, play old tunes you love. I love going out to clubs and being exposed to new music and old things I might have missed. The whole thing is still exciting to me.

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This Sunday, Eté d’Amour goes Green.

This Sunday June 26, Nouveau York presents ETE D’AMOUR with the cult New York DJ Brennan Green, Le Bain’s own Neil Aline and Coleman in prime time mode. What is so great about Mr Green? We did not ask the Koala, but met Brennan instead.

Here’s what he had to say…

The Standard: We enjoyed your 2009 XLR8’s podcast. It was such an unusual journey from the Rolling Stones to Air. Always great to be surprised by a DJ mix. Recently, who are the DJ’s who surprised you?

Brennan Green: I recently heard Terre Thaemlitz DJ in Brooklyn. Other than hearing Baris K in Switzerland a few years back with his selection of rare Turkish funk edits, Terre delievered by far one of the best house DJ sets I’ve heard in the last 10 years. It was the most peculiar fusion of Detroit, Chicago, Berlin and New York house. At times there was barely a kick drum. It was Deep House at it’s best; hypnotic without being static, deep without being boring, minimal remaining interesting and soulful without being obvious, cliche’ or contrived. I’ve respected him for the last 15 years as a producer but this was my first time hearing her DJ, it was intense.

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Last Week-end at Le Bain

Respect to Throne of BloodThe RaptureCosmic KidsRunawayPopuletteHarkin & Raney, Saarid, Anteros & Thanaton and The Night People crew…

Let me take you … To a place I know…

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This Sunday, Pop not Pop Populette!

This Sunday, ETE D’AMOUR keeps up in Paris x New York Balearic mode. French Disco youngster Anteros & Thanaton (of Chez Moune fame) will take care of the Sunset hours, while NYC heroes Runaway (aka Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral) will run Le Bain during prime time.

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Get ready for Gomma d’Amour!

This Sunday, ÉTÉ D’AMOUR presents a Gomma Extravaganza with Dimitri from Paris and Munk. As NME puts it, the label Gomma is the “German Answer to DFA Records”. Understand: indie futuristic disco music with an European twist. The label is run by Munk himself and has just released the new record by Dimitri “I Love New York”  and Munk’s own album “The Bird and The Beat”.

Expect La Musica

Meets Paris’ je-ne-sais-quoi

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