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This Sunday, Pop not Pop Populette!

This Sunday, ETE D’AMOUR keeps up in Paris x New York Balearic mode. French Disco youngster Anteros & Thanaton (of Chez Moune fame) will take care of the Sunset hours, while NYC heroes Runaway (aka Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral) will run Le Bain during prime time.

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Saturday Night Vision

This Saturday, Blu Jemz is back at Le Bain “in straight outta Paris mode” with his Night People, Eli Escobar and Lloydski. Need some warm up? We asked our three Saturday Knights to come up with a video Selection.


A Long Hot Summer is coming

Full of Creatures à la Kim Ann Foxman

Is there Somebody to Love Me?

Because I Need to Justify My Love.

Deep Into the Night

I’ll be Your Mirrors.

Night People, every Saturday at Le Bain. Music by Eli Escobar, Lloydski and Blu Jemz. Doors open 10pm.

This Friday. The Throne of The Rapture.


This Friday June 17, Le Bain presents a night with Throne of Blood. The label was created in 2006 by iconic New York band The Rapture and James Friedman. We caught James on his way back from a TOB European Tour. It was time for a chat, while sipping a Bloody Mary.

The Standard: James, it seems nobody really knows how you guys came up with the name. Is it a cinephile reference to the 1957 movie by Kurosawa? Or it was just meant to be scary?

James Friedman: Vito from The Rapture came up with the name. As I understand things, it’s a reference both to the Kurosawa adaptation of Macbeth and a tune by Jamaican dub legend Prince Jammy. As for the scariness thing, I think its something we all find funny that the name sounds so heavy metal. We are among the least scary dudes ever and we release a lot of melodic and deep dance music. There is comedy in the dissonance between who we are and the brand we’ve created.

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Get ready for Gomma d’Amour!

This Sunday, ÉTÉ D’AMOUR presents a Gomma Extravaganza with Dimitri from Paris and Munk. As NME puts it, the label Gomma is the “German Answer to DFA Records”. Understand: indie futuristic disco music with an European twist. The label is run by Munk himself and has just released the new record by Dimitri “I Love New York”  and Munk’s own album “The Bird and The Beat”.

Expect La Musica

Meets Paris’ je-ne-sais-quoi

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KAWS at The Standard, New York

KAWS has arrived! After weeks of anticipation, Companion (Passing Through) - which has traveled from Hong Kong to the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut - is now in our front Plaza at The Standard, New York. Though covering his eyes makes him seem a bit shy, Companion blends in seamlessly with our friendly bellman staff - plus he isn’t photo shy either. Tweet your pic of the Companion in front of the hotel (or if you happen to have seen it in Hong Kong or CT send that too!) and see if it makes it onto our online GALLERY. Make sure to use #KAWS and give us the heads up that you sent it @standardny.

KAWS, aka Brian Donnelly created the Companion in 1999, but it hasn’t been this size - almost 16 ft high! - until now. In fact, it’s his largest public installation to date, and his first outdoor one. The last time we talked about KAWS was when we released the colorful crossed light bulbs which sold out within hours. Luckily the Companion will stay with us until October. To celebrate, join us Saturday for some lemonade and ice cream starting at 1PM.

Don’t forget to tweet your pic so that you can be part of our gallery here!

For more information on KAWS visit Honor Fraser here.

Photos by Chris Pieretti

Swimming With Sharks NY Première!

This Saturday afternoon, join us for Swimming With Sharks! The L.A. crew (check out their rad video here) is throwing its Launch Party at Le Bain at The Standard, New York from 3pm to 9pm. Music by the Team Fool’s Gold VS the SWS Landsharks. Bring you waterguns and swimsuits… And be prepared for the Summer of Fun.

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The Summer Hero

This Friday, we are welcoming one of the most exciting new talent coming from Europe: John Talabot. The young DJ from Barcelona made a big splash two years ago with his first record “Sunshine”. A slow-house ecstatic summer hit which puts him in an instant on the House Nation map.

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Wolfram’s Love Affair

This Sunday, ÉTÉ D’AMOUR welcomes back Wolfram. The Disco Superhero from Vienna has been a regular DJ at Le Bain. Last time he played, Andy Butler (Hercules & Love Affair) joined him on the decks. Andy is such a fan he wrote a declaration of love for Wolfram’s debut album and the Euro Sound.

Here it is.

Andy Butler writes about the term “Euro” and Wolfram’s debut album.

When talking about music the term “Euro” is one that evokes strong reactions to music lovers. Needless to say some people think of “La Bouche”, and the desire to dwell any further on the subject ends there.  They often forget that Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” or Kraftwerk’s early excursions were the beginnings of that Euro sound.

They ignore that Italo disco, Italy’s dancefloor oriented version of new wave and arguably the most vibrant genre of the “Euro” sound, was being played by the most important disc jockeys in the United States from Frankie Knuckles to Larry Levan. Even in the 90’s “Euro-house” and European acid house tracks from labels like ZYX and R & S, were being dropped by the likes of Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Today, modern American commercial producers are incorporating elements of it with each new single we hear every week. Cue the Lady Gaga record.

Wolfram is a musician and producer whose record intelligently and lovingly sings the praises of the significant contributions that the Euro sound from those early days of electronic music dance has made on pop music. Wolfram is an aesthete, operating in that Warholian tradition of seeing beyond what is considered by many to be “trash” and finding the beauty in it. The songs are listenable; so listenable, that in a way, listening feels like a guilty pleasure. When truly analyzed and contextualized however, the listening experience becomes a more substantial one- one might go so far as to even say a challenging one.

The approach is a fun and emotional one. There are a host of collaborators; some new- namely “Hercules and Love Affair”, “Holy Ghost!”, Patrick Pulsinger, Sebastian of “Heartbreak”, renowned Dutch producer “Legowelt” and “Johan and Sally Shapiro” and some old- namely Paul Parker who is a Patrick Cowley produced cult hi-nrg disco vocalist who reached number 1 in 1983 with “Right on Target” which is still heard in recent dj-mixes of guys like “Aeroplane” (in their BBC1 Essential 500th mix) and “Haddaway” (”What is Love”), who really needs no introduction. The result is a truly remarkably colorful and diverse collection of songs that lift the spirits and will undoubtedly inspire make out sessions on the dancefloor.

Andy Butler

Sunday June 5, Nouveau York presents ÉTÉ D’AMOUR featuring Wolfram and Beg to Differ. Do not miss the special French pop & rock history-mix from the 80’s to the 2000’s with Arno Banano starting at 6.30pm. Doors open at 4pm.

Wolfram’s debut album is out on Permanent Vacations.

This Friday, Let’s Play House!

Our friends at Let’s Play House are back this Friday with two incredible talents of legendary status: Brighton-based disco-infused Soft Rocks and Phil South, the Mastermind behind one of NYC’s premiere labels, Golf Channel. 

Soft Rocks look like nothing alike

And nothing sounds like Soft Rocks

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