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 André Saraiva Arrested in West Hollywood For Defacing Public Property

It’s all fun and games until the cops get called…


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We just love Kenny Scharf


@kennyscharf #kennyscharf #scharf #graf #graff #graffiti #art #artist #streetart #streetartist #mural #urbanart #arteurbano #igla #igpic #igdaily #igersla #losangeles #weho #westhollywood #LA

We just love Kenny Scharf

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Check out the hilarious writings on the bathroom wall at The Standard, High Line

Check out the hilarious writings on the bathroom wall at The Standard, High Line

Check out the writings on our wall…  

Check out the writings on our wall…  

Stan D’istraction: Revamped Street Signs

We are not ones to condone graffiti, but we are definitely ones to support and nurture the creative arts.  I came across this website called Happy Place via a good friend of mine who I like to call CD.  It showcases people’s artistic interpretations of what public signage should be.  Click the link and let hilarity ensue.  

Another favorite of mine…

New Banksy in London

Todays graphic is the new Banksy piece in London. We find it quite unusual for 3 reasons… 

(1) The new Banksy piece is referencing serial ‘tagger’ Tox, so it’s sort of a second generation reference to another graffiti writer.

(2) They added a CCTV to watch over the new Banksy piece.

(3) The piece was entirely plexi-glassed for preservation.

We’re still waiting for the practical joke to be told. Knowing Banksy, there is one giant statement in all this. Time will tell, we suspect!

Moustache Man is Caught

If you’ve been walking around New York the last few months, you’ve noticed a ton of advertisement tagged with the infamous Moustache. We can’t help smiling every time we pass one on a subway or in Soho. We realize it’s unethical to prop it, but the tags are so whimsical, how can you get mad at it?

Anyway, it turns out the 26-year-old graffiti artist called Joseph Waldo just got  caught according to He now faces charges of felony mischief, misdemeanor criminal mischief, graffiti, and “possession of a graffiti instrument,” according to the cops. Busted! To all the art aficionados, you better walk around and enjoy your last few tagged posted because it looks like the Moustache party is over. Sniff. Sniff. 

Hang tough little guy. Remember Banksy was once a delinquent while tagging as a young pup, and now it’s officially illegal to deface Banksy street art in the streets of London. Did we mention that Banksy’s tags also raise the property value of each block he hits. That is what we call a full 360 turn. A delinquent can always dream!

Graphic of the Day: Graffiti + Street Art

Today’s graphic is a wonderfully complicated attempt to breakdown the evolution of graffiti and street art. We’re still a little confused ourselves but we can’t stop trying to decipher what the hell it all means? Maybe MOCA’s Art in the Streets was onto something after all?

Love Letter to Annabelle

Andre Saraiva is in love. He wants to tell the world. Annabelle Ronson is the target of affection. Scored to Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”. 


(Expect to see Skaters hit this at MOCA. Design by Lance Mountain and Geoff McFetridge)

Earlier this week, we wrote about the infamous Art in the Streets Exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA). The opening was a smash success. The reason Art in the Streets has been getting such attention is because it’s the first major U.S. Museum exhibition focusing exclusively on the history of graffiti and street art.

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