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Graphic of the Day: History Question

Today’s graphic is the innocence of a child’s handwriting and good nature found at Utne Reader. Above we see a history question posed to a kid. We hope the teacher counted this answer as correct.  

New Banksy in London

Todays graphic is the new Banksy piece in London. We find it quite unusual for 3 reasons… 

(1) The new Banksy piece is referencing serial ‘tagger’ Tox, so it’s sort of a second generation reference to another graffiti writer.

(2) They added a CCTV to watch over the new Banksy piece.

(3) The piece was entirely plexi-glassed for preservation.

We’re still waiting for the practical joke to be told. Knowing Banksy, there is one giant statement in all this. Time will tell, we suspect!

Graphic of the Day: Clinging

Today’s graphic is a reminder that clinging isn’t sexy, even when furry little koala’s do it. 

Graphic of the Day: Mattress

Today’s graphic was found on a Tumblr aptly called This isn’t Happiness. We’re very enamored when a simple dumpster can turn into an art installation. It sorta makes you want to run up to the mattress and give it a reassuring hug… that is, until the stench kicks in.  

Graphic of the Day: Baldessari

Today’s graphic is a photograph from one of our favorite artists, John Baldessari found by brighttraces. It’s called Throwing Three Balls in the Air to Get a Straight Line, 1973. The Lithograph is from a portfolio of 14 lithographs, 9 x 13 inches. The image shows so much activity yet reveals nothing. Just the way we like it, a little playful, a little cryptic. 

Graphic of the Day: Lionel Richie

Today’s graphic is a creative advertising pull tab from one of our favorite 80’s heros. C’mon, we know you still hum All Night Long secretly to yourself.

Graphic of the Day: Karen O.

Pack up;
I’m straight;
Oh say, say, say;
Oh say, say, say;
Oh say, say, say;
Oh say, say, say;
Oh say, say, say

Wait, they don’t love you like I love you; wait, they don’t love you like I love you;

"Maps", YeahYeahYeahsStickee Doodle by InfectedZombie

Graphic of the Day: Rubik’s

Todays graphic is made u of cute little Rubik’s Cubes. It’s something we discovered on a Tumblr called David is Going to Die. Cube Works Studio is a collaboration of graphic artists who’s goal is to re-contextualize common objects to create complex, high-quality pieces of functional art. To see more of their work, go to Cube Works.

Graphic of the Day: Getaway


Todays graphic is a second reminder of the all encompassing Shark Week, found on the FirstStop Tumblr. The piece is named “Getaway” by Chris Dellavedova. We just can’t get enough of Sharks. 

Graphic of the Day: Subway Sign

Ok. Ok. So this is not the first time we’ve seen New York signs flipped on their heads. We just enjoy it when new artists pop up and continue messing with our heads. These little subway notes (i.e. “Everything is Fine LOL”) are popping up around Brooklyn lately. The notes are created by Trust Corp found on VandaLog (thanks Nevver too). Our bets are they won’t last more than a day. So take a minute to enjoy, before it’s a distant memory. We’re certain there’ll be another smarty pants to vandalize all over again.