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The Standard Boys Do It Better

This past weekend marked the 10th annual Adidas Fanatic Soccer tournament, and in true athletic fashion, Adidas turned it out.  With incredible DJs, a phenomenal BBQ and more Heinekens than a fraternity could consume, everyone had the time of their lives.  

The competition was fierce, and as always, The Standard, New York’s football club boys fought til the bitter end to ensure their place in soccer history.  Although we didn’t take the tournament completely, we played fairly and very well.  At the end of the day, it was a day of fun, sun, friendship and camaraderie.  Isn’t that what Adidas is all about anyway?

THANK YOU, ADIDAS!  Summer just isn’t the same without you.  And a very big thank you to Scott Meriam for spending the day in the sun taking the above pics.

Adidas Fanatic X: The Standard Football Club

Last year, my social life went down the drain when my plastic surgeon told me that I couldn’t participate in any activities where balls fly at my nose.  (Clueless!!!)

This year, it’s all different because, just like last year and the eight years before that, Adidas is hosting Fanatic X, their tenth annual soccer tournament this Saturday.  Naturally, The Standard, New York has a team called The Standard Football Club, and we’re gonna take this tourney.

Come down to Chelsea Waterside Park this Saturday, July 9th, from 1pm - 8pm, to watch us kick some soccer A$$!  I love a sporting competition…like water polo, but I can get into soccer too.

Details on the invite above.  Ask for me when you get there.  Don’t drink all my beer.


Winter Music Conference

Dear Readers. It is time for another marathon session of parties, concerts, and DJ sets at Miami’s Winter Music Conference from March 8-13th. The gathering of minds is a solid 25 year establishment for electro-philes. We, at The Standard hotel in Miami are revving up for some pretty amazing nights - here’s the lowdown…

(Remember when you stayed up to see sunrise on your last Miami Winter Music Conference?)

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