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Song of the Week - SBTRKT

This week we are introducing a new column to our illustrious roster. It is written by a Standard Hotel insider known simply as “Starman”. The Starman will come down from the sky once a week, not to blow our minds, but to give us the pleasure of a weekly song which will capture this weeks zeitgeist.

Starman writes: “The current wave of U.K. acts such as Jamie XX, Jamie Woon, Magnetic Man and James Blake are known to mix Dubstep, R&B and Minimal together to form a new warm sound. The music is dense enough to interpret, yet light enough to dance to, but more importantly, it is enjoying an ever growing popularity in the U.S.”

The U.K. label Young Turks (that also represent The XX/Jamie XX) have just released a new debut album called SBTRKT by SBTRKT. Rough Trade opines that “it’s sound-patterns and rhythms can easily soundtrack the ecstatic hands in the air dance floor moments as well as reliving the monotony of the morning commute”.