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Julia Chiang working in Miami, 2010. 
Photo by Chris Mosier

Julia Chiang working in Miami, 2010.

Photo by Chris Mosier

KAWS attacks Julia Chiang. She’s fine though.
Image via Chris Mosier’s Wanderlust Chronicles.

KAWS attacks Julia Chiang. She’s fine though.

Image via Chris Mosier’s Wanderlust Chronicles.

OOO AHH MMM, by Julia Chiang

OOO AHH MMM, by Julia Chiang

Julia Chiang’s Opening

Tuesday night was Julia Chiang’s art opening presenting new works entitled Security is Mostly a Superstition. Julia is one of our beloved guest bloggers for the Standard Culture site. The opening, held at the Half Gallery, contained a room size installation of white chains, handcrafted of ceramic links. Julia’s sculpture work traditionally seems a simple item at first, but a pause usually begets more thoughts, delving into deeper themes that tickle the mind. In this case, the chains evoke a spirit “marked by connectivity and confinement”.

(Artist Julia Chiang at her Opening. Photo by Rey Parla)

The opening and dinner were good vibes all around. It was a gathering of downtown creatives including KAWS, Peter Sutherland, Eric Elms, Anna Sheffield, Jose Parla, Bill McMullen, Todd James, and Todd Jordan among others — all of whom gathered to witness and celebrate Julia’s meteoric rise in the art scene.

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The New Stussy Campaign

Ahhh, spring, we can almost taste it in the air! It seems all us New Yorkers are just fantasizing of the day we can take a stroll through Soho with the sun beaming on us. Well, here’s a little teaser to get you started. Photographer Peter Sutherland shot the new Stussy campaign for Spring 2011 to get us all revved up for Spring fever.

(Standard’s Guest Blogger, Julia Chiang in the new Stussy Campaign)

The theme was creative people, and featured in the campaign were artists Clara Cullen, Keegan McArgueAri Marcopoulos, and our own Standard blogger and fine artist Julia Chiang. For more info go to

(Stussy, Spring 2011)

We revealed the new STND X OHWOW Shop at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach during Art Basel, but now we have these swanky new pics from Floto Warner to really show off the space. “Friends with benefits takes on a whole new meaning” says W Mag of the the shop, and they’re right. The space was designed by Rafael de Cardenas, of Architecture at Large and features all kinds of quirky, pretty, exciting products from our community of artists, designers, and plain ol’ friends. Find Julia Chiang’s apples, jewelry by Anna Sheffield, books by KAWS, Andrew Kuo, and much more.

Secret Travel Item: Julia Chiang

Meet Julia Chiang, conceptual artist with an endless wealth of ideas and creativity. Last year, Julia created a special limited edition set of apples for The Standard hotel in New York. This year, we left her to her own devices once again which yielded a beautiful customized art project involving stringing hundreds of flowers together around our property. You’ll have the visit us at The Standard hotel on 40 Island Avenue, Miami Beach, to see the final work of art for yourself.

(Artist Julia Chiang Commencing her Installation at The Standard)

We asked Julia our special question of the week which curiously aims to discover what her secret travel item is… meaning, what is the one thing she cannot travel without?

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STND/OHWOW Shop Opens Today

If you’ve read our blog recently, you’ve noticed we have a vast community of creative friends that we collaborate with. Today, prepare to see it all housed under one roof with the opening of STND/OHWOW Book Shop, a new shop inside the The Standard, Miami in partnership with the OHWOW gallery. Expect to see more products from these artists including Tim Barber, Scott Campbell, Julia Chiang, Dan Colen, Luis Gispert, KAWS, Terence Koh, Andrew Kuo, Ari Marcopolous, Jose Parla, Agathe Snow and Julia Ziegler-Haynes amongst others.

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Our Men on the Street

(Meet Standard’s new guest blogger, Colonel Cator) 

Want to read about Art Basel 2010? Meet Cator Sparks aka “Colonel Cator”, a journalist for a variety of magazines and websites with a focus is Men’s Fashion and Design. His writing has appeared in T Magazine, and Cator will be covering the daily beat of Art Basel 2010 for The Standard website.

(New Standard Guest Blogger, Julia Chiang)

We should also take this opportunity to introduce our new guest blogger, Julia Chiang, a Brooklyn based artist visiting Miami Beach this week. Julia was a presenting artist in last years Art Basel 2009 at OHWOW, using her Ring Pops (ring-shaped lollipop) to create a stellar piece of art and back in February she did the same for us when she helped us launch our Shop at The Standard, New York where we sold her gorgeous porcelain apples. We’re lucky to be graced with her talent again this year with a special installation created at The Standard hotel in Miami.

(Installation by Julia Chiang, OHWOW, Art Basel 2009)

Other Standard Guest Bloggers in Miami this week covering from the trenches are:

Johnny Misheff - Journalist who writes about the worlds of art, fashion, and culture.

Jauretsi- Writer, Filmmaker, and overall Editor of the Standard website 

Cheryl Dunn - Photographer, Documentarian, and all around Renaissance woman.

Al Moran- Co-Founder and Co-Creative Director of OHWOW Gallery in Miami, Al Moran is “the man” of the week, hosting a bevy of the best in art today. Lucky for us, he’s a regular guest blogger on our site. Artists featured at his gallery this week include Daniel Arsham, Scott Campbell, Julia Chiang, Dan Colen, André Ethier, FriendsWithYou, Phil Frost, Michael Genovese, Luis Gispert, Gustavo Godoy, Tomoo Gokita, Diana Al-Hadid, Trenton Doyle-Hancock, Julia Ziegler-Haynes, Michael St. John, KAWS, Robert Lazzarini, Nate Lowman, Brendan Lynch, Ari Marcopoulos, Barry McGee, Neck Face, José Parlá, Rey Parlá, Kembra Pfahler, Aurel Schmidt, David Benjamin Sherry, Lucien Marc Smith, Agathe Snow and Nick Van Woert. 

Chris Mosier - Photographer. Delivering some daily “eye candy”, in the form of portraits, as the week unfolds. 


To read updates this week from our guest bloggers, go to Standard Friends Section.

Apple Art

We’re thrilled to introduce a special collaboration by Deitch artist Julia Chiang who has teamed up with The Standard, New York to produce a limited edition piece titled All For You. A unique edition of 50 palm-sized apples, each handmade of delicate porcelain and glazed a rich glossy red, the apples could potentially be in a state of oozing, excreting, sweating, tearing, or spurting. Chiang chose the apple for its provocative wink — a symbol of Adam and Eve’s lost innocence. Besides what better icon is there to represent New York City? Each apple is created with a glossy finish in fire engine red.

Chiang’s works will be displayed at The Shop at The Standard, New York. If you can’t visit the store, we’ll be offering the limited edition apples in our online shop

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