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Standard Bingo: Welcome to The Jungle

If you’re cooler than your friends (and almost as cool as me), you know where the best Sunday night party is.  Yes.  I’m talking about Bingo at The Standard Grill.  For the past few months, The Standard, New York's culinary mecca transforms itself into a debaucherous free-for-all bingo party hosted by the our favorite emcee, Michael Stauffer, and his trusty sidekick, James Thompson.

This past Sunday’s game, themed Welcome To The Jungle, proved no less tame than normal as guests donned face and body paint, sang along to Guns ‘n Roses and viciously fought each other for the grand prize, which coincidentally, was NOT a night out on the town with me.  Too bad for you.  Click through to check out Marisa McGrody's photo essay of the evening.

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